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  • Guest - 7.5 will focus on bug fixing for all the containers including wiki writeup. Thanks to those who tested 7.4 (which will continue to receive minor updates). 7.5 should not be anything radical or drastic (unlike PGBox and PGClone).

Developer Costs

Covers the costs of the server and forum software to support the PlexGuide Project
US $100.00
US $0.00
This donation drive ends in
Tola5 donated US $5.00
  • Tola5
  • Confirmed
jak64950 donated US $10.00
Stupifier donated US $20.00
  • Stupifier
  • Confirmed
  • Wanted to donate! This looks like a lot of work
granularfishy donated US $25.00
  • granularfishy
  • Confirmed
  • awesome work guys, always wanted to get plex running on the cloud which you guys made possible, wouldn't even have tried it without plexguide. Keep it up!
granularfishy donated US $50.00
  • granularfishy
  • Unconfirmed
  • thanks guys awesome work so far, please keep it up
barryclamsworth donated AU $10.00
navy2x donated US $100.00
  • navy2x
  • Confirmed
  • You da man Admin! To help get guacamole support built into PG. Or for beer =)
Merckle donated US $50.00
  • Merckle
  • Unconfirmed
  • Keep up the good work!
plexer donated US $25.00
  • plexer
  • Confirmed
  • Thanks!
plexer donated US $20.00
  • plexer
  • Unconfirmed
bedpan donated CA $10.00
  • bedpan
  • Confirmed
  • Appreciate all the work you put in. The documentation has a long ways to go. As a new user I really struggled getting things going. That said between the forum and discord we got there.. Great work!
bedpan donated CA $10.00
  • bedpan
  • Unconfirmed
Anonymous donated US $10.00
  • Anonymous
  • Unconfirmed
misury donated US $20.00
  • misury
  • Confirmed
  • Love the project! I'm sorry I'm not a coder, so instead I'll donate some cash.
abibars donated CA $100.00
  • abibars
  • Confirmed
  • You earned it

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