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PlexGuide Mission Statement

PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of your Local HD or Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

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News Articles Heimdall Wiki Focus
  • 108
  • 3

Worked on the Heimdall page and hope this helps. If you have any information and wish to add, please let us know!


News Articles 1000 PG Members!

  • 142
  • 3

Thank alot; can not believe we are at 1000 members. Thanks for making PlexGuide Grow! Lets aim for 2500!

News Articles Version 5.070 Stable Released
  • 463
  • 10

Version 5.070 is released. Version 5.071 will focus on RClone Cache! Woot Woot... maybe the multidrive edition will be working. So far, users have reported the 2nd HD option working for processing for the GSuite Edition and the Solo HD edition working for those who wanted it!

------- RELEASE NOTES -------
Note: Traefik v2 may say...
News Articles RC3 - Version 5.070
  • 338
  • 5

RC3 is released. Main update was adding of @flicker-rate pgstatus dashboard. You can access it through the menu or type pgstatus. This is an early beta. The program itself does not BREAK anything; just a printout of what's going on.

Again, please capture issues and provide @flicker-rate any...
RC1: Version 5.070
  • 218
  • 0

RC1 is good to go. Did 2 wipe install tests and utilzed different conditions to catch any issues (after fixing things). Mostly, this fixes the info for people who do not have traefik installed, fixed false postives, and for those wanting to use a second harddrive. The fixes took about 7 hours; so was fun.

BETA 4: Version 5.070
  • 141
  • 0

Updates to BETA 4. Please post any problems here so we can release the version soon! Need testig for the HD Solo Edition and the 2nd Drive for the GDrive Edition.

  • Changed
    • Fixed broken 2nd HD Link
  • Removed
    • Dummy RClone File, this caused problems for some and wasn't needed!
BETA 3 - Version 5.070
  • 223
  • 0

More improvements below!

  • Added Password Notice if using Duplicati
  • (SOLO HD) Improved Notifications
  • (SOLO HD) Added Troubleshooting to the Menu
  • (SOLO HD) Added Server Information to the MENU
  • Added
    • Stopped the HTML folder from being left everytime you execute PG...
BETA 2: Version 5.070
  • 122
  • 0

In using PG Solo HD Edition, everything works. So if you have no google drive and just want to use a solo drive as an all in one, you can now. Everything goes to /mnt/unionfs and from there, your good to go! For PLEX, point to /mnt/unionfs/ and for Sonarr/Radarr and point your items to...
BETA 1: Version 5.070
  • 134
  • 0

Latest updates! First relase of the SOLO HD Version for BETA! We need some feedback! Basically, /mnt/unionfs is where everything will be located (via a symbolic link to /mnt/move). Basically, you don't need a Google Drive. Great for small collections or even somewhat big ones if you have the offline diskspace for it!

BETA 1...
PG 5.069 Stable Released
  • 508
  • 3

Lots of great changes. We improved the cloudflare wiki to make life easier for you. You no longer have to wait 8-12 hours, just as long as cloudflare detects your domain from the initial setup. The variable page has been improved, RXWatcher's script for NZBGET now deletes unprocessed files older than 60 minutes so they are just not...

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