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PlexGuide Mission Statement

PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of your Local HD or Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

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Version 5.032 Update
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  • 6
[5.032] - Closed Out (After Update - You'll be pushed to Version 5.033)

- Added ExecStop to RClone Encrypted install
- Added recurse=true to some containers
- EBook Stuff Added, but not implemented yet @pentaganos

- NZBHydra2 to Hotio Image @designgears
- Medusa volume from /mnt to...
Ombi failing to start
  • 862
  • 13
There was an issue with one of the recent Ombi images, if your ombi wasn't booting properly, this is why;

The lastest image resolves this, if you were affected by this simply delete the container and image in portainer and reinstall it via PlexGuide.
Copyright Battle - Safe Harbor NAFTA Renegotiation
  • 361
  • 0
It has been quite a busy week for President Donald Trump and various members of Congress in regards to the possible renegotiaton of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).
Currently large tech companies are still fighting to ensure that proper measures are set in place to shield themselves from liability through what...
Initial Lidarr Impressions
  • 2,712
  • 6
So many off us have across various forums that talk about Lidarr. Almost sounds like an odd ball cousin of Radarr and Sonarr. If that is what you were thinking, you are not wrong. I held off on it for quite awhile due to how poorly headphones performed, but I cannot complain about what is for free.

Lidarr has a very...
Your Hard Drive Matters
  • 807
  • 6
When planning to build a server, most people fail to consider what type of Hard Drives they are using. Worst, people fail to factor the speeds of the hard drive and blame that their systems are either old or their processor is running slow. Those viewpoints can technically be true; but your hard drive depending on your...
Plex vs Emby
  • 1,714
  • 21
It's time to talk about Plex versus Emby. It's been quite awhile since I last deployed Emby to see how well it worked against Plex and I am glad I did.

Shared Users: Emby had a 15 device limitation tied to the account. In the past, this was not the case. Since Emby is a far second distant...
Torrent 101 Downloading Basics
  • 554
  • 1
Bittorrent networking could be the most preferred type of modern P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing. Since 2005, Bittorrent sharing offers have the primary means for users to trade software, music, videos, and ebooks across the globe. Torrents are extremely unpopular with the MPAA, the RIAA, and additional copyright authorities. Bittorrents (also...
DMCA Being Utilized for Gain?
  • 362
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It's well known that copyright holders can use DMCA notices to remove infringing content from search engines such as Google. However, it appears that torrent sites are also being targeted by fraudulent requests, possibly submitted their own competitors. Every day, copyright holders send out millions of takedown notices to various services...
Tips on USENET History & Functionality
  • 510
  • 2
Usenet: It’s just like the Fight Club of the document sharing and Internet globe. The 1st rule about Usenet is to not talk about Usenet.

At least, it really feels that way to a the greater part of Internet users who've never heard about it before. From then on there are those that claim, “Everyone’s heard about it but nobody uses it,”...
Plex VR Annoucement
  • 427
  • 2
Within its broader, long-term technique to appeal to content material producers by offering them additional exposure, media software maker Plex today is unveiling its innovative VR experience, Plex VR. The addition allows Plex users never to only watch video tutorials in VR, but also co-watch with close friends - a social element of media...

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