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PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

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YouTube Video PlexGuide v3 Install - RClone, UnionFS & PlexDrive
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Good Evening Team,

I updated the install to the latest V3 video! In this video, not only do I show you to configure PlexDrive, UnionFS, and RClone; but show you how some of the coding works and some other aspects of linux to assist you! ON YOUTUBE - Please thumbs up (y) the video, subscribe, and share if you like it. It...

YouTube Video VMware Fusion (MAC) - Quick 101

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Good Evening Team! Made another video in how to configure VMWare Fusion (MAC) so you can run emulators yourself for testing Plex Guide! This will help futher enable you to test! It was a quick put together video. You'll see what mistakes I made to resolve common issues!

YouTube Link: ...

Plex Clouding with Plexguide!

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So this is a work in progress. I will update as I go. The idea is to build a complete guide for my plex cloud project using plexguide scripts. I hope my jorney on this project will help others and inspire idea's.

So I have 40 TB of stuff, movies, music, TV, etc, that I need to upload to googledrive then share out with a cloud box. I am currently using a box. not sure if i will...

Working On Cleaning Up Wiki Page

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The Wiki HomePage is being cleaned up and will start matching the flow of the menus. Also a link has been put in place and the excess pages are moved to the bottom (not that you need it that way). The goal is to prevent confusion.

Until an official XenForo Wiki Plugin comes out for Version 2 of this forum, it will have to...

YouTube Video Ansible & Docker - Quick 101 Video Demo

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  • 3
A Quick 101 demo on Docker & Ansible. This is just to give you an idea of how it works!

[ Click Here ] for the YouTube Video!

YouTube Video Unencrypted RClone - Configuration

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Check out the latest video to learn about how to configure RClone; using the unencrypted method:

[ Click Here ] for the YouTube Video!
How to Install Handbrake
  • 186
  • 2

(I thought I would write up a quick setup guide to help others and save time looking through threads. Thanks to @J3n50m4t @Datamonkeh @Admin9705 for the initial help in getting the correct coding to successfully install)

Until Handbrake gets implemented into the PlexGuide installation setup, you can manually install this great...
Info Plex Collections
  • 426
  • 8
Plex adds a new feature - We welcome "Collections" - a way to gather your media together.

Take for example you might want to add your musical/music movies into a Musical collection. Items can belong to multiple collections too and you can configure how you want them to behave on a per-library basis.
You also have the ability to show collections alongside the items they contain, or...

YouTube Video PlexDrive Configuration Instructions

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This is a quick video on how PlexDrive works. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel to reach us or comment below. Please subscribe and like the video and help us grow. For the wiki page, visit here:

YouTube Video Encrypted RClone - Configuration

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The video is made to assist those in installing the encrypted version of RClone. The video can also be found again in the instructions of the RClone Encryption. Main install instructions are located here:

YouTube Video Quick 101 Live Demo - Docker & Portainer

  • 906
  • 7
Attached below is quick video on how Docker and Portainer works; through the use of PlexGuide. Not using PlexGuide, it's ok? The general demonstration assists you in understand how portainer and docker work for you! I hope this quick helps provide understanding to you! If you like it subscribe and like it on youtube lol :D

Info Version 5.035 Update
  • 282
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From PlexGuide 5.025 > 5.035 is now released. We have been working hard with a growing community that’s is always inspired by everyone!

View the changelog for the last update from 5.032 > 5.035:

5.025 > 5.035
- Added ncdu to preinstall
- NZBHydra2...
Info PlexGuide's FaceBook Page!
  • 221
  • 2

Like the page, share it, and let your friends know. Not only are we working hard to spread the message, but working hard to build a great community! Talk about Plex, Linux, personal issues; what is on your mind. This forum is inspired by the community, the members, and most of all you!
Info Hetzner's Cloud Server
  • 1,790
  • 5
So do you want to run a test-development server before committing to a major project or deploying PlexGuide?
Note: This is not a promotion article. I truly utilize Hetzner for development testing and is useful for new users without remote servers!

Major Advantage of Utilizing Hetzner's...
Samsung 800GB Z-SSD
  • 1,128
  • 3
These days, typical hard drive news is pretty boring. Drive speeds for the average personal computer or media applications servers are "good enough", but we fail to observe the importance of hard drives for the use of the Internet of Things and for the use of Artificial Intelligence. Samsung just released an 800GB Z-SSD. At first, I was expect something faster than an M2 and it is to a much...
Info Version 5.032 Update
  • 494
  • 6
[5.032] - Closed Out (After Update - You'll be pushed to Version 5.033)

- Added ExecStop to RClone Encrypted install
- Added recurse=true to some containers
- EBook Stuff Added, but not implemented yet @pentaganos

- NZBHydra2 to Hotio Image @designgears
- Medusa volume from /mnt to /mnt/medusa/downloads
- Traefik is at version 1.5...
Info Ombi failing to start
  • 601
  • 13
There was an issue with one of the recent Ombi images, if your ombi wasn't booting properly, this is why;

The lastest image resolves this, if you were affected by this simply delete the container and image in portainer and reinstall it via plexguide.
Copyright Battle - Safe Harbor NAFTA Renegotiation
  • 289
  • 0
It has been quite a busy week for President Donald Trump and various members of Congress in regards to the possible renegotiaton of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).
Currently large tech companies are still fighting to ensure that proper measures are set in place to shield themselves from liability through what is known as a...
Initial Lidarr Impressions
  • 1,462
  • 6
So many off us have across various forums that talk about Lidarr. Almost sounds like an odd ball cousin of Radarr and Sonarr. If that is what you were thinking, you are not wrong. I held off on it for quite awhile due to how poorly headphones performed, but I cannot complain about what is for free.

Lidarr has a very streamlined interface that makes it easy to use. Most of...
Your Hard Drive Matters
  • 536
  • 6
When planning to build a server, most people fail to consider what type of Hard Drives they are using. Worst, people fail to factor the speeds of the hard drive and blame that their systems are either old or their processor is running slow. Those viewpoints can technically be true; but your hard drive depending on your activities can be the choke point....

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