Forum Updates & Discord Sync

Welcome. There have been several updates made to the forum!


Please visit – for more detailed information.

  • Members that have been registered for 21 days and have 15 posts are able to utilize the discord (or any donors). This cuts down on dealing with trolls, spammers, and those wishing to be uncivil within the discord (ya the irony of the name)
  • The discord syncs with your information from the forum

Private Message Changes

  • All valid members have been given the ability as of now to utilize the PM system
  • Future members require at least 5 posts and their account to be 7 days old (or donate) to use the PM system. This again cuts down on spam and etc as listed from above


Thanks to those for improving the wiki via It’s slowly coming together!

PGX Update

Almost done for using PG Basic (move). The encrypted uploads work and users can select. Finishing up the services and will release by Saturday a working copy for feedback.

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Not open for further replies.