PGX – 15 May – Upload Testing

In regards to PGX, the PGX uploader is now working for BASIC (pgmove). NOTE, the raffle is count is at 453. So if you have 45 tickets, you have a 10% chance of winning. Remember, you can submit one every hour! You have 15 days left! Visit

The only two parts working is utilizing Sonarr and NZBGET. Please setup the driving according and you get test a dummy upload by utilizing the following commands:

If setting up NZBGET and Sonarr for testing, please ensure to utilize the remote mapping for PGX –

A new wiki is starting for this section –

Question 1

What’s up with Basic over Blitz (which is not ready yet)? There is a 750GB daily upload cap… but the awesome thing is that most people would rather use this. No key generation and keeps things simple. If you exceed the upload cap, a warning will be posted on the front page. What will happen is PG will continue to attempt the single files over and over again until the cap opens up. This way, we do not have to cap your upload limits to 8.5MB speeds as done so in PG8. Good luck and post here for any feedback!

Question 2

Can I use my shared drive with PG Basic (pg move)? Yes, you can. PGX has been designed to merge all your drives and you can still use PG Basic!

Question 3

Can I use my encrypted drive and have PG Basic (pg move) push data to the unencrypted mount? Yes, unlike PG8 where if you setup the encryption and was forced to use, PGX will allow you to select your choice of upload for PG Basic regardless if an encrypted drive is setup or not!

Final Question?

I heard the discord is up? Where can I access it? (note post requirement was changed from 15 to 10). Visit –


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Jan 17, 2018
Just let me know how it goes.