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  1. AdamBearWA

    Discussion Old SB35 server from hetzner powerful enough?

    If you want to transcode to 5 people at the same time, set the remote bitrate to something small like 720p 2mbit and then it'll have more chance of working.
  2. AdamBearWA

    Discussion install failure

    The error suggests that ansible-playbook isn't installed. Try this first: sudo apt install ansible-playbook
  3. AdamBearWA

    Discussion PG Clone "Cannot Execute Binary File"

    Could be a mix up between 32/64 bit apps or just that some required stuff isn't installed. Run these commands: sudo apt install lsb-core sudo apt install rclone Then try the ones from before again. Hopefully there's no more errors 1575288581 Also, what's the output of the following command? arch
  4. AdamBearWA

    Plex Buffering issues on computers only

    Are you using PG move or PG blitz? Any chance you're hitting the g suite rate limit?
  5. AdamBearWA

    Discussion PG Clone "Cannot Execute Binary File"

    What's the output of these 2 commands? lsb_release -a rclone version --check
  6. AdamBearWA

    Discussion Using a existing NAS file structure with Plexguide even possible?

    Do you intend to run plexguide on your NAS or will it be a separate VM/server? If it's on the NAS itself you could just set up "hard links" from subfolders in /mnt to point to the desired folders on your NAS. Then plexguide wouldn't know the difference and you wouldn't need to customise anything.
  7. AdamBearWA

    Discussion PG Clone "Cannot Execute Binary File"

    What version of pgblitz are you trying to install?
  8. AdamBearWA

    Discussion Moving from local PC to tdrive

    Unfortunately you'll need to upload all your files semi-manually at best. Just move a bunch of folders into the rclone upload folder and let them upload in the background. You can monitor with pgui. Once they're done repeat until all your content is uploaded.
  9. AdamBearWA

    Discussion Cloudflare Cache

    I am caching everything except plex/emby. You could probably do it also for plex/emby, but you'd need to configure it so that it doesn't try to cache the video/streams as they'll either suspend your free account or you'll get a big bill for your paid account.
  10. AdamBearWA

    Discussion What's the future of PGBlitz? v9 still happening?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around the forum changes and the various projects etc. What actually is happening with pgblitz? Secondly, is there a summary of what they all are and what their purpose is? If anyone has any links or information please share.
  11. AdamBearWA

    Discussion Poll: Do you encrypt gdrive - yes or no

    I'd prefer Google deduplicate the data and cache it around for me in the background. They're already increasing the monthly cost of the unlimited storage in my region, so it's only a matter of time before it either keeps going up, or they remove the unlimited option altogether.
  12. AdamBearWA

    Plex Buffering issues on computers only

    Can you check on the Plex/Emby server what is happening when you're using your Chromecast? It might not be directplay, but converting it. If you use the browser on your computer instead of the desktop app, does it give you any problems?
  13. AdamBearWA

    Discussion pgblitz uploading incomplete downloads folder

    I'm using qbittorrent and have set the paths up as per the wiki. However I notice in pgui that is uploading torrents in progress from /mnt/unionfs/incomplete. This is stopping/delaying completed downloads from uploading properly. It also seems odd. I can't find any references in any apps to that...