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  1. b4r7

    Guides HOWTO: Provide a file transfer service for your family and friends

    has anybody a workign sharesite? seems like it is broken.
  2. b4r7

    Discussion Teamspeak Docker

    same here =(
  3. b4r7

    Anyone figure out Xteve yet?

    Yeah i know how that works =) i just cant understand why nobody merges it as the community app clearly does not work and the custom one does... at least for some ppl.
  4. b4r7

    Anyone figure out Xteve yet?

    Hi, can anyone please just merge the custom yml to the community app?
  5. b4r7

    Radarr Radarr and Sonarr marking indexers als failed

    Hi guys, since i updates to the newest release of pgblitz i have problems with radarr and sonarr. after a while my indexer (nzbhydra) gets marked as failed. at first i tought it is a problem with nzbhydra and added my indexer directly to radarr and sonarr. The problem came back again... it...
  6. b4r7

    Discussion No diskspace left after large download

    strange... now everything was uiploaded... i have a feeling i hit the api limit and was banned for a day...
  7. b4r7

    Discussion No diskspace left after large download

    Hi, i downloaded 600gb worth of movies overnight. Now i looked into thenmachine and it has only 80GB left of free space. The Movies are all moved to tdrive... Why is the space still used?