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  1. badcop

    Discussion Netcup

    All perform great, you won't be disappointed.
  2. badcop

    Discussion Cloudflare disabled one of my domains for violation of T's and C's

    If you're large you'll get noticed and most likely will get suspended.
  3. badcop

    mp4automator assistance with two issues

    Anyone been able to fix these issues with mp4 automator specifically sonarr? Previous fixes for these errors no longer work as also the files for sonarr apear to ignore the npgexclude changes. Thanks to anyone with the knowledge regarding this ongoing issue. Just to be clear previous fixes for...
  4. badcop

    Very cheap Usenet access! (Newshosting, $20/yr)

    even more confused because now it seems like you mean't that you cannot.
  5. badcop

    PGVault-Change Time

    Naw you won't lose the already standing data bud, just reinstall and don't put a claim key when asked. Just tested, plex takes a little while to load up so don't worry if it's taking some time to show up.
  6. badcop

    PGVault & Plex?

    my plex back was about 5GB with tons of s*hit you'll be fine
  7. badcop

    PGVault & Plex?

    Works perfect so good that I've transferred many hosts it's great along with all configs from other services!
  8. badcop

    [W] PassThePopcorn ,Redated and BrocastTheNet

    Asking for invite for these trackers is a big nono not in the aspect of rules of this forum but overall it's frowned upon just a heads up!
  9. badcop

    Sonarr Help with Sonarr MP4 convert error

    Yeah mine appears to be temporary fix someone that is a bit more in touch should be able to perhaps fix
  10. badcop

    TV Review Game of Thrones

    I'll expect the bittersweet end.
  11. badcop

    Plex oriented tracker

    I have been looking for a community like this for a while, apart of high rated trackers myself and would love to do anything I can to improve. Can you private message me and i'll toss email for a potential recruitment, thanks!
  12. badcop

    Sonarr Help with Sonarr MP4 convert error

    What a pain in the a** that was, thanks for all the information from all on the forums certainly assisted. Here is what you'll need to do if you get this issue. This is with the docker container here is the process I used hope this helps to those that like to convert. docker exec -it sonarr bash...
  13. badcop

    Sonarr Help with Sonarr MP4 convert error

    chmod: cannot operate on dangling symlink 'autoProcess.ini' Currently having this exact issue glad to have found this thread, any advice? /opt/appdata/sonarr/mp4_automator/autoProcess.ini does not exist however i ran above commands within console portainer. Thanks guys if you have any information!