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  1. bbrodka

    resilio access to gdrive

    resilio works great, i use it to keep redundent folders of critial files and back ups locally I would like the plexguide server to also act as a resilio peer, granting it access to the root folder of gdrive Looking in the resilio portainer container I see the default volumes are so, I am...
  2. bbrodka

    Discussion unionfs out of space (But not really)

    Ok, I was just getting messages, sounds like things will be ok, thanks for the reply
  3. bbrodka

    Discussion unionfs out of space (But not really)

    I am hetting a error unionfs out of space but it is not I am less then 24 hours on this install and a linux noob, so be gental :) This is the line that confuses me with 100% unionfs 1.1P 1.1P 28G 100% /mnt/unionfs If you want me to enter any comands, please make them so I can cut...