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  1. blartimus

    Plex Google Download Quota Exceeded

    When this happens is it only visible in the logs? I just started with Plex on my gsuite and want to know how to know when this has happened.
  2. blartimus

    Discussion Poll: Do you encrypt gdrive - yes or no

    I've heard a lot of good things about the shield, which I may switch to if it handles dealing with Plex well. Thanks for the tip on mounting Datamonkeh.
  3. blartimus

    Intro Lessons from one newbie to another, and thanks!

    Thanks for the insight for others.
  4. blartimus

    Deezloaderremix Uploads don't stay in drive

    Anything weird about the name? File, folder, artist, etc?
  5. blartimus

    TV Review Killing Eve

    I'm just starting this, about 4 episodes in. Like it so far.
  6. blartimus

    Updated BlackBook

    Thanks for the update.
  7. blartimus

    NZBGet NZBGET dark mode

    Default, no. There are some themes you can use that aren't officially supported with config edits. See the thread about it, with a link to a github. Last commit was 2018, if that means it doesn't work, can't say.
  8. blartimus

    Radarr Problem with Radarr processing/importing downloaded movies

    Do you set any renaming format?
  9. blartimus

    Plex Two new Plex apps released today

    Good to know, just using tautulli myself. Seems to do what I need, comparing it to dash.