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  1. cdntartarus

    Ideas Caching downloads for faster lan speeds (games, updates, etc)

    I couldn't find anything mentioning steamcache or lancache for downloading large files. Figured I'd make a post seeing if anyone has managed to pair it with the current PG8 setup as it looks like it needs port 80 and 443 access. With Traefik handling all the requests I'm not sure if it would be...
  2. cdntartarus

    rTorrent (FloodUI) OpenVPN integrated

    Having the same issue with Sonarr, everything works up until the point where Sonarr tries to grab from /output/incomplete. Tried mapping the volume to a bind directly to the /mnt/incomplete to make sure the files were actually being grabbed. Issue is at that point it duplicates the files in...
  3. cdntartarus

    WtF[nZb] - Beta testing!

    Used cce33aca518f2e86fed0cd3c0046ef5ce1fa88a6 Cheers.
  4. cdntartarus

    Jellyfin Emby fork: JellyFin

    So I've been playing with the jellyfin docker image the last week or so and it has gone pretty well for the most part. Biggest hurdle is figuring out clients that direct play well. Since there aren't many clients at the moment the browser client seems to be the only current solution that has...