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    Exempt Ombi from PGShield

    Ya, that's much simpler. You could add a pull request to the community repo, it should also fix the watchtower app list generation during new installs too since that uses the same scripts to generate it's initial list.
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    Post Your Benchmarks

    DigitalOcean 2 vcpu/2gb RAM ## System Information OS Name : Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (64 bit) Kernel : Dedicated / 5.1.16-050116-generic Hostname : Host2 CPU Model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v4 @ 2.20GHz CPU Cores : 2 cores @ 2199.998 MHz CPU Cache : 30720 KB Total RAM...
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    OAuth for One App/Container only

    It might be possible with the latest release of both Traefik and the forward-auth project. Documentation of rules: Some discussion on the feature: If all else fails you...
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    Exempt Ombi from PGShield

    You can use my forks to get this working right now, you'll have to navigate a few menus to make it work though. pgblitz 5 1 2 1 Cringely v8.6 2 exit 5 2 2 1 Cringely v8.6 2 exit 3 2 1 Cringely v8.6 2 Then continue through PGShield as you normally would. What this is doing: Copying my...
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    Exempt Ombi from PGShield

    This is a bug with the way is generating the app list: The script overwrites the file used to store app names and since the community version of appgen runs second those are...
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    Discussion Change subdomain?

    Fork: Find the .YML file for the app you want to change and modify the "pgrole" attribute in the name section. You should find it in the first 20 lines on any YML file. Redeploy and choose the personal fork option, follow the on-screen...
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    Discussion High Level understanding of PGBlitz using VPS and Cloud.

    It would be on-demand. rclone mounts the gdrive storage similar to NFS or CIFS/UNC, that is similar to connecting an external hard drive but instead of USB it's just over the internet. The storage will look and act like it's directly mounted to the server, though because it's over IP the latency...
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    Discussion [NOOB] From unencrypted to encrypted

    You could try to implement EncFS. I've found that Plex works much better with EncFS rather than rclone crypt when it comes to both scanning new media and seeking mid-stream.
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    Discussion feral help

    rclone is usable without the FUSE kernel module. I have been using feral as a seedbox and pushing to an encrypted gdrive/team drive for a while now on Feralhosting. 4k transcoding on feral is hit or miss depending on your neighbors, but 1080p trans and direct play are pretty good.