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  1. DarkSoul1970

    Radarr radarr v3 not deleting files after move using nzbget

    Yeah i'm having the same issue.. i just wrote a crontab to run every 1 hour and clean out the directory on directories older than 2 hours. 0 * * * * find /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd/* -type d -name "*" -mmin +120 -exec rm -rf {} \; did the same thing for the incomplete folder anything older than 7...
  2. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion rclone.conf

    The root or starting folder on google so instead of all the pg folders being in the home directory of the google drive I can use a separate folder such as media then under media you have your pg folder structure (movies tv music plexguide etc) this was possible before and should be now.
  3. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion rclone.conf

    Is there no way to do this now even by hand?
  4. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion rclone.conf

    I'm trying to configure rclone.conf with a root Directory on google drive. but every time i save the file and redeploy it overwrites it without the root folder. Can we no longer define a root folder and allow pgblitz to throw crap all over the root of the google drive?
  5. DarkSoul1970

    Plex Docker Image

    yes everything is on the same domain ip's are x.x.x.16 and x.x.x.9 ... i've tried using both remote and local.. i can go to the x.9:32400/web but it only pulls up the older server. everything is updated and running the current version of plexguide and ubuntu 18.04 minimal install base. portainer...
  6. DarkSoul1970

    Plex Docker Image

    Is the current Docker image for plex fubar? i just created a new vm installed PG 8.13 set up PGMOVE installed portainer and plex and i cant get it to recognize the new plex server.. even though i connect to the new vm's ip it only picks up the old server that is running V 7 of plex.
  7. DarkSoul1970

    Sonarr Sonarr not importing library after fresh install

    I have a fairly large movie folder 1800 movies and i've been trying to bulk import my movies after reinstall for 8.x and im not having much luck it will just sit there and spin never loading the movie list.. i had gotten some of them to load about 1/2 BUT now i cant get it to load the list at all
  8. DarkSoul1970

    Ideas NFS Drive for /mnt directory

    Has anyone tried to use a NFS drive for their /mnt directory? I was curious because i wanted a way to have a very large /mnt directory without having to have a Virtual Disk. My thoughts, create a small 30G or so Ubuntu disk using a 2016 HyperV server. Export a large folder/drive as nfs from the...
  9. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion PG Move for Server Backup

    I have done what your trying to accomplish by installing rclone on my 2016 server and creating scripts to export the vm's to a directory and then another script to rename them and move them to google drive.. its pretty simple to do. but be warned it takes a long time to move the data and it will...
  10. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion top level folder on gdrive

    how do you set top level folder on gdrive? their is no setting for it now?
  11. DarkSoul1970

    VPN and NZB

    Do you guys use a VPN for Usenet? or just SSL? Also if you do use a VPN do you VPN your entire box or just the NZB container?
  12. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion move /mnt/move to seperate drive

    unfortunately linking did not work.. i modified the to point to /usb/move and it will move the files from there but new files being downloaded still try to move them to /mnt/move and unionfs does not see links so it doesn't know where to move them to i would go about modifying the build...
  13. DarkSoul1970

    Discussion move /mnt/move to seperate drive

    is it possible to move /mnt/move to a seperate drive and then use a link to /mnt/move such as /dev/hd0 /mnt /dev/hd1 /usb/move ln -s /usb/move /mnt/move will this break the unionfs? i dont care if my movies in /move are not registered in unionfs untill they are moved to gdrive im just...
  14. DarkSoul1970

    Moving configs to new server.

    Moving my system to a new server.. wanted to know if their are any best practices or gotcha's i should be aware of.. upgrading from ubuntu 1604 to 1804. Everything is VM.. Can i just create the new vm setup my G-Drive and then just restore backups for my docker images? i would prefer not to...