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  1. DarkSteel

    Worldmap !

    From Georgia, US! Nice and warm during the winter
  2. DarkSteel

    Discussion Is my server overkill for personal use?

    That's a good deal assumingu got it during the free setup
  3. DarkSteel

    Humans – TV Show Review

    @Admin9705 i just started this show. 5 minutes in and it's great. kept skipping this orignally
  4. DarkSteel

    Surface Pro versus iPad Pro

    I enjoy my iPad Pro. It’s great for everything else and when Microsoft office came; it was a done deal
  5. DarkSteel

    Apple's iOS vs Google's Android

    I just had problems with carriers making it difficult down the rom so heavily and many companies promising to unlock the phones.
  6. DarkSteel


    have you found a solution out of curiosity?
  7. DarkSteel

    Traefik v2 Provider

    using the goody setup. was easy for me. any advantage to the cloudflare for a remote server itself?
  8. DarkSteel

    Worst Server Experience

    i cannot stand hertzner; cloud good; dedi servers no. it's more due to the setup fees now and the auction servers are not that cheap anymore compared to what your getting.
  9. DarkSteel

    Apple's iOS vs Google's Android

    i prefer my android. not use apple since the iphone 2g. i heard that google's stuff doesn' work well or is barely supported. i cannot stand apple mail.
  10. DarkSteel

    Traefik v2 Certificate not valid...

    it's a very new feature. he put in the changelog that it may not be correct at times. i noticed that in 5.069, it's improved.
  11. DarkSteel

    NZBGet NZBGet leaving files in /complete

    It works in the RC1 5.069. he added a script that deploys that deletes junk / left over files every 60 minutes. deploys through the upgrade process i believe
  12. DarkSteel

    My servers at the moment

    haha ya that's a lot
  13. DarkSteel

    My servers at the moment

    how much is it costing?
  14. DarkSteel

    Attempt at a script for backups

    That’s good. I need to pick up a project myself.
  15. DarkSteel

    What version of Plex do you use?

    Is switching to their beta worth it. I have a Plex pass and never used it. Have you ever encountered any problems?