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  1. Daxble

    Plex Lose Access to Plex with Cloudflare CDN

    I currently have this working perfectly with Jellyfin, and have had it working 100% with Emby and Plex recently. My setup goes like this: 0. Setup DNS entries for all apps and wait about 30 minutes. 1. Setup PG Clone 2. Setup Traefik 3. Enable Port Guard 4. Enable PG Shield Nothing special is...
  2. Daxble

    Hetzner speed

    Storage speed from what I've seen is also pretty important to getting good usenet speeds, even servers I've had with sata SSDs have speed problems sometimes. My main server has 2x1tb nvme drives in raid 0 and my usenet speeds are up in the 300-350MB/s range. Keep in mind I also have a 10gbit...
  3. Daxble

    Hetzner speed

    My (non Hetzner) box has a 10Gbit connection and my google uploads never go above 50-60MB/s, but if restoring from PG Vault I get download speeds of around 400MB/s. I think the upload is just limited somewhere on google's side. When I did have a Hetzner box, my speedtests were never that great...
  4. Daxble

    Plex plexpass - image?

    Looking at the docker hub for plex it looks like the plexpass tag is no longer updated. You should be fine using latest or beta.
  5. Daxble

    Discussion Traefik while using top domain for something else, like Wix

    Option 1: You can have your help site on another subdomain, such as Option 2: You can have all your PG services on a subdomain. First go to your DNS provider. And set up an A record for the subdomain you want to use, make sure to use the IP of your server. In the example...
  6. Daxble

    Amount of storage in Gdrive

  7. Daxble

    Highly recommend plex_autoscan!

    The Radarr connect for me scans the whole library.
  8. Daxble

    Cant configure oauth for plex subdomain

    The plex install doesn't have OAuth enabled by default, to enable it go to portainer -> containers -> plex, then click duplicate/edit. Under advanced container settings select labels, then add a label. The label name is traefik.frontend.auth.forward.address and the value should be...
  9. Daxble

    PGVault-Change Time

    run sudo crontab -e, you can change the times manually
  10. Daxble

    Cloudflare CDN Wiki Page Location