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  1. dreadmclaren

    Plex iOS & Android Mobile Application

    Curious what others think about the Plex iOS & Android mobile application. Specifically the functionality of them. I've tried the application on both OS and they seem to struggle loading content, and refreshing when searching. Once I can get something to finally load and play, it tends to be...
  2. dreadmclaren

    VPS recommendations

    Depending on bandwidth requirements, another suggestion I have would be to use Vultr. I used a VPS from them for a couple months and it was great. The "cloud compute" instances they offer are now using Intel Skylake architecture. Not as good of a "bang for your buck" as a Hetzner dedi, but...
  3. dreadmclaren

    Discussion Traefik on interesting network not deploying.

    I always had issues with GoDaddy. I did get it working, but I have since moved to Cloudflare and recommend you do that too. Regardless, if you still have portainer as your top level domain, make sure you have an additional A record for portainer in your DNS settings pointing to your server IP...
  4. dreadmclaren

    Discussion Movies are downloading with NZBGET and are seeable in /mnt/unionfs but are not being moved to /mnt/move

    Are you 100% positive you remote mappings are set in Sonarr and Radarr and are spelled correctly? If you're manually placing a file in the /mnt/move directory and it is sending it to your google drive, that makes me think Sonarr and Radarr are not configured correctly. Worse case, if you...
  5. dreadmclaren

    US - TX to reopen 1st soon from CV

    I think another wave will happen. Who knows how big it will be, but I think it will be something. Being around more people again allows it to spread easier and I'm sure people from most states are eager to get out of the house as soon as possible. Lack of testing seems to be an issues for every...
  6. dreadmclaren

    Tax Checks (US)

    Indeed. Going to buy a new office chair :)
  7. dreadmclaren

    SSDNodes 24 Hour Sale

    USA Based VPS Solution - 10gbps ports, fair amount of bandwidth You have to buy the three year plan for the deal to work, but just another option to have a cheap VPS laying around for a few years.
  8. dreadmclaren

    Discussion HSTS Browser Error When Navigating To Webpages

    Hello, I'm installing Traefik on a Hetzner EX42-NVME and I'm able to deploy it successfully. I made all A records correct for my domain, and the acme_challange TXT input is successfully placed in my domain DNS settings, via the API, but once the Traefik process completes, and confirms it's...