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    Help with setting up IPTV with Xteve and Plex.

    I gave up on the community version as it is not the current version. I simply went into Portainer created a new image using the Create Container and copying the required aspects from the community version while using bl0m1/xtevedocker:latest to pull the latest version files to completed the...
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    Guides Huge list of Tools/Programs/Link

    Very interesting thanks for the share.
  3. F invites for free [out of stock]

    Would appreicate one thanks, pm sent
  4. F is open for registration

    Thx for heads up
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    Transmission [Community App]

    Needs some advice please, I have transmission installed and working great on my local server however unlike all other PGBlits services I have running such as Radarr etc I am unable to connect to the Web Gui via my laptop. Works fine on the local server using the direct local...