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  1. fyrstrm

    Intro I just keep going around and around and I can't find instructions for how to install this on a Mac OS system.

    You could run it virtualized on your Mac using Virtualbox or vmWare and then building a Ubuntu vm and installing PG under that. How much do you have in terms of resources though on your Mac? CPU, RAM and disk?
  2. fyrstrm

    [4] TDrive Label [NOT-SET] plz help

    I’ve just had this exact same issue when attempting to re- setup on different h/w. Checked everything multiple times and still get exact same error as illwill239. Wonder if he ever sorted. This is bizarre.
  3. fyrstrm

    Organizr v2 just broke with an automatic update to v2.1.

    Thanks so much for this; that fixed mine. Let me know how the API part goes but really appreciate the fix!
  4. fyrstrm

    Organizr v2 just broke with an automatic update to v2.1.

    It appears that I need some sort of fix for Organizr. With the deployment of the new v2.1 api, it has broken the database evidently. Anything in the works or any advice?
  5. fyrstrm

    Radarr Radarr v3 Aphrodite Error

    Mine now isn't showing anything data when I click on one of my movies. They're all still listed but blank when I click on them. Not sure what happened.
  6. fyrstrm

    Radarr Radarr v3 Aphrodite Error

    Do you lose any data doing this or does it keep all your current info? Just wanted to check before I pull the trigger. Thx
  7. fyrstrm

    Portainer How to upgrade Portainer from 1.24.x to version 2.0

    Worked like a charm. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and more props to @doob .
  8. fyrstrm

    Anyone successfully using Bazarr

    I think I've got it quasi working now. It seems a bit cludgy. I've also enabled the opensubs in plex which i think is helping too. It normally isn't needed but for the War of the Worlds series I did.
  9. fyrstrm

    Anyone successfully using Bazarr

    My Bazarr though seemingly linked correctly with Sonarr and Radarr will not pull any subs period. I don’t know why. I’ve selected like 7 different providers and it never finds and loads any. This is truly Bazaar. Pardon the pun. I’m all ears to hear how you’ve got it working. cheers, fyrstrm
  10. fyrstrm

    Sonarr Sonarr keeps repeatedly downloading the same episodes.

    Hey gang, Wondering if someone could offer some assistance. My Sonarr lately is repeatedly downloading the same episodes multiple times despite successfully getting it the first time. I have not checked to upgrade the format and it's literally downloading the exact same version up to 5 or 6...
  11. fyrstrm

    Discussion Too many redirects with cloudflare CDN?

    Hey guys sorry on vacation. Actually it was DNS. I had to manually put entries in my Ubunt vm so it could pass through to the menu. Putting in the DMZ didn’t help at all...the DNS did though.
  12. fyrstrm

    Radarr Radarr update stops the app from loading

    What do you do if an update gets applied and now the app will no longer load? Aphrodite seems to have just crashed following one such update and will no longer load. Thanks, fyrstrm 1595298764 Failed to load Radarr Version
  13. fyrstrm

    TV Review Hunters

    It's very well done - we thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and performances. Pacino was masterful!
  14. fyrstrm

    Unionfs corruption

    Yeah I don’t think it could really correct itself because my vm kept crashing with disk io errors. Finally I realized it was out of disk. Weird one...
  15. fyrstrm

    Unionfs corruption

    I actually just redeployed the drives only and it seemed to bring everything back. Found out that it happened because my vm ran out of space due to checkpoints. Argh - all good now. Thanks fellas!