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  1. gadgethome

    SimplyNZB and NZBhydra2??

    Do you have your categories, search ids etc filled in?
  2. gadgethome

    latest flavour of Linux

    Yes best stick with 18.04 for now.
  3. gadgethome

    SABnzbd Some titles being moved to Plex while others are not

    Do you have the remote mappings setup in Radarr?
  4. gadgethome

    Cat Meme's for Datamonkey

  5. gadgethome

    Discussion app2app

    I dont use it myself, but is the port number and category correct? The wiki is saying to use a different port and also category. Setting up qbittorrent Next, enter the following information! Name: qbittorrent Enable: Yes Host: qbittorrent Port: 8080 Username & Password: Add if one applies...
  6. gadgethome


    Which features are better than mellow? Thanks
  7. gadgethome


    @timetrex thank you :)
  8. gadgethome


    Any instructions on how to set it up and use it?
  9. gadgethome


    Is this similar to mellow?
  10. gadgethome

    Discussion PGUI Error GDrive

    Try deploying pg clone again. If its still not working, maybe a reboot.
  11. gadgethome

    new to usenet and getting error messages

    Try sabnzbd and see if that connects OK. Works great for me.
  12. gadgethome

    Discussion Poll: Do you encrypt gdrive - yes or no

    Thanks for advice. I've recently encrypted mine as well. Is there a way to un-encrypt in Windows explorer Win 10 or any app that can do it?
  13. gadgethome

    TV Review Messiah

    No its just a tv fiction series.
  14. gadgethome

    TV Review Messiah

    Yes good series. I hope its renewed next season.
  15. gadgethome

    Discussion Folders disappearing

    Maybe worth updating to 8.7.5. I'm on this one and had no issues.