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  1. Indagatrix

    traefik deploy (API Secret)

    Hey Team, Just a concern/idea that when the API Secret is called on the install, it does allow a blank entry. Can we add a code check to not allow a blank entry? On my test it was GoDaddy. I know the WIKI states to enter it. Thanks!
  2. Indagatrix

    Discussion Docker prune cron job or menu option.

    Total reclaimed space: 21.05GB :cool:
  3. Indagatrix

    Discussion Docker prune cron job or menu option.

    I freshly installed my server about a month ago and cleared out all my unused old docker images today.
  4. Indagatrix

    Discussion Docker prune cron job or menu option.

    What lookup can i make to determine what is "unused"? Is it trash from removing opt/appdata installs or am i on the wrong thought train?
  5. Indagatrix

    After updating (to be clear)

    Also depending on your installation, the following wiki entry will show you statuses after an update; just to ensure nothing errored but not mandatory. Check Status of a Service
  6. Indagatrix

    Discussion Google Cloud NZBGet speeds

    Which tool is used to measure the speed?
  7. Indagatrix

    usenet providers? Filter by retention to start.
  8. Indagatrix

    Network Monitoring Tool
  9. Indagatrix

    Ideas Services restart post Up/Downgrade

    Fair enough! Thanks for the feedback. :D
  10. Indagatrix

    Ideas Services restart post Up/Downgrade

    Hi Team, If this behavior already exists then ignore, or i'm just nieve. Would it be possible to have the program redeploy the appropriate services after a version downgrade or upgrade or have a check in place they are started. With no evidence i've had the services not found after beta...
  11. Indagatrix

    Sonarr Sonarr - Download client fails

    boltn's answer worked for me. Unfortunately the video guide "Understanding NewsGroups & NZBs" says "because of the way docker containers work, you always need to use the IP address". I'll update the wiki with the options above. Thanks
  12. Indagatrix

    Sonarr Sonarr - Download client fails

    Hi Team, Very stuck with this error, please help: All various settings to enable a download client are failing for me: If we take sabnzbd for starters, it's a fresh install with no additonal settings changed, following the wiki basically. Using sonarr to add sabnzbd, the ONLY settings added...
  13. Indagatrix

    SABnzbd SABnzbd no manager complete locations

    Hi Team, If i choose not to use a manager, how do i set the: If i browse directly to /mnt/unionfs/ it will error with: I then will be able to set the child (tv, movies) folders in this area: to /mnt/unionfs/tv, /mnt/unionfs/movies Currently, if it's left to default as the wiki, the...