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  1. K

    Plex oriented tracker

    an invitation would be really nice
  2. K

    Emby Emby via CDN

    This wont work for me, i cant connect over the internet with my emby server -.-
  3. K

    Discussion Emby cant connect

    yep but it wont work, i have changed ports, i have take pgshield from emby, i have testet many other tings but this all wont work. and the treads in forum there are no good fix for this, maybe you can show me the ftread.
  4. K

    Discussion Emby cant connect

    Hello, i have installed emby, but i cant connect from my nvidia shield tv to my emby server. ports are changed to 80 443 and back to 8096 and 8920 but it wont work. i cant find the mistake.
  5. K

    Discussion Problems with PGShield

    Hello, now i'm at the point to close all ports, and deploy shield. bit it wont work, in the wiki is that I should use the traefik internal url but whats the url and where i can found it? and which apps should I protect with it? all or just a few?
  6. K

    Discussion Automated Upload

    Hello, i have now installes PGblitz fully, but when i download, ( i have changed the folder for downloads in sonarr and radarr to /mymedia/media/tv/ and /mymedia/media/movies/, but pgclone, (unencryptet) does not move the files to move and does not load on tdrive.
  7. K

    failed to mount storage

    hello, I wanted to mount my second hard disk in / mnt / mymedia for pgblitz but the message No such file or directory comes up, but the folder exists, I can go with cd there.
  8. K

    Ombi PG Blitz and Ombi

    Hello, can i change my download folder and mount it on my second Storage? and How i can give ombi a Root Folder?
  9. K

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    Storage is ssd 240gb single storage
  10. K

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    Storage I think ssd but one drive only, it is Intel core servers cope says 8 × Intel Xeon Processor (Skylake, IBRS) bandwitch 1gbit
  11. K

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    hi, what du you think is better? VPS ( unnamed 8 core 32gb ram) or a dedicated server dedicated(i7 8700 64gb ram)
  12. K

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    I would feel safer if someone helps me with the setup I do not want to make any mistakes and then everything again.
  13. K

    Discussion Need Help with PGBLITZ

    Hello, i need help with install and config PGBLITZ, i am stuck at configuring Traefik and portainer with cloudfare. I have a Strato domain and need help with the cname and a records. I'm not sure what I need to do exactly to get things running correctly. Thanks in advance
  14. K

    which server should I use?

    96gb ram? That is much ^^
  15. K

    which server should I use?

    At the moment they have the 4770, the 6700 and the 8700, and an amd ryzen 7 1700x but I think the ryzen is overpowered, so I think the 6700?