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    Discussion Help with step by step to restore GCE to new server.

    Remember to change IP's in the apps.
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    Discussion Info on GCE + Possible to setup GCE as Download server?

    Well I only do my downloading on the GCE. The other way is possible but not practical, I think.
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    Discussion Info on GCE + Possible to setup GCE as Download server?

    Just follow the wiki. It's very good.
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    Discussion GCE bill

    Well it's a small amount (5$) and the invoice is deducting free credits. This is my 3 GCE and I'm very sure I did the same every time. Think I'll just dump this account and make a new one.
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    Discussion GCE bill

    I just got a small bill for my free credit GCE. Anyone tried that before? I was under the impression that it was impossible.
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    Elysium Servers

    As far as I know they just resell servers from the likes of hetzner, with a boosted up price. They have a fancy web interface to manage thing I will give them that. I think all media is converted all to hell, as to make sure no transcoding takes place. In my mind you can do much better with the...
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    Invites OMGWTFNZBS invite code please

    It is not open for invites right now. You guys need to wait for the next invite window to be open.
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    Seedbox & Hetzner

    If you have anyway of getting off public trackers, do that! It's not worth the hassle. Just my 2cents.
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    Discussion Questions

    You can also combine Usenet with a decent one-click downloader, to fill up backlog on older tv series. If you need 5 seasons of "the 100" or something then Usenet is not always the best way to go (depends on your indexers). Something like snahp can be better in this case.
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    Discussion Questions

    That all startet on Usenet. Works much better also, since you don't need to seed.
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    Discussion GCE Initial Load

    Sonarr/radarr lists?
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    Discussion Slow download speed and moving to google.

    hmm. I get between 60 and 120MB/s with the standard settings (2vcore/8GB). could be your provider?
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    Invites OMG Invite Window

    It's open now (until the 7th)
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    Plex Library Update interval with GCE

    I have setup auto_scan before. Was trying to use the other methods (rclone/gdrive watching.) Because I had all my ports closed on my plex vps because of trafik. You think it possible to make it work? (Setup is as you say, sonarr/radarr on GCE)