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  1. KnoXX

    SSDNodes 24 Hour Sale

    I would stay away from them. They block Plex. Waisted a bunch of money with them before I committed to a Hetzner dedi.
  2. KnoXX

    EX42-NVMe 2x512GB Drives - is this enough!?

    True, but too much effort for an occasional issue.
  3. KnoXX

    EX42-NVMe 2x512GB Drives - is this enough!?

    It depends on how big your metadata block is and what your download pattern looks like. I am running two 1TB drives mirrored and have about 500GB left open. These 500 GB can fill up relatively easily if you add a bunch of stuff at the same time (i.e. a bunch of shows etc) You might get into...
  4. KnoXX

    openvpn how too?

    Is this what you are looking for?
  5. KnoXX

    Sonarr Sonarr restore failed

    Moving my server (Hetzner SB47) to an EX42 after I finally saw that those disks are in pre-fail after doing their job for more than 48k hours. Installation and restore for Radarr and Plex worked perfectly. That tells me that the process works. Sonarr, on the other hand, is not taking the...
  6. KnoXX

    Radarr /unionfs/movies/ not going away in radarr

    Hi, I am going nuts here... Not able to import because root folder /unionfs/movies/ is not available. I updated all movie root folders to /mnt/unionfs/movies/ I have tried everything in the book to get rid of it. Couldn't import movie /mnt/nzbget/completed/movies/A ... (2003).mkv: Root folder...
  7. KnoXX

    Discussion Backup

    I am also getting this for a while now. I had hoped it will get fixed with the new version. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- No, no change with the new version: TASK [Stopping Docker Container - plex] **************************************** Monday 05 November 2018 11:57:20 -0500...
  8. KnoXX


    ++ on the delugevpn request!
  9. KnoXX

    (SOLVED) PGDrive is way too slow

    I can confirm that this makes a HUGE difference in response time. I am on a Hetzner dedi, living on the US East Coast. My start times were anywhere between 15 and 30 secs. Now they are down to 5 secs, which is more acceptable. Thanks for pointing this out!! ---- Automatically Merged Double...
  10. KnoXX

    (SOLVED) PGDrive is way too slow

    Thank you! I didn't realize that it is so simple :-)
  11. KnoXX

    (SOLVED) PGDrive is way too slow

    Would you be able to document the steps? With own keys and secret, do you still have access to the existing (encrypted) file base?
  12. KnoXX

    (SOLVED) PGDrive is way too slow

    ++ on this request! If Admin9705 could add Plexdrive back in, testing would be so much easier. TIA
  13. KnoXX

    Discussion Move encrypted on 6.043

    Yes, flawlessly.
  14. KnoXX

    Discussion Move encrypted on 6.043

    Upgraded to 6.043 b/c move was broken. Works perfectly now!! Just as feedback. BTW: There is no way (or I don't know where) to find out what the install version number is. Looks like it got eliminated with the blue menus. Would be helpful. THX!