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    Discussion [fixed]

    Problem fixed after clean wipe of OS and install of 7.1.4. Please or close thread. :)
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    Well, it is likely so that there are two layers to the issue for many, namely that of the docker filesystem separation from the container host OS, as well as unionfs' handling of hardlinks and file pointers being.. limited. So your points were, in general, of course certainly applicable to most...
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    Yes I am well aware that Radarr moves it as the last step. Perhaps I should have also clarified that I am not using containers. There is no virtualisation or container layers anywhere in this setup, so your entire point is moot. It does still not come with any answer to the problem, which is...
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, so let me reiterate: Once the file is downloaded by SAB (for example), when SAB "moves" it from its default download folder to the set destination path (/mnt/unionfs/movies), unionfs doesn't accept SAB's hardlink and will instead copy the file, not move the file...
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    Plex IPTV with plex?

    Can recommend if you're just a single user (they only allow 1 active stream). Very good quality and 5k+ channels. I'm actually looking for a provider that'll allow multiple streams, and is fairly reliable.. so if anyone has some recs, please post or PM :D
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    After some research and looking at unionfs' handling of hardlinking/moving files.. I now know the answer. When the download destination path in Radarr/Sonarr is set to the unionfs mount, the completed file is copied, then deleted, by unionfs. When the download destination path is set to...
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    This has nothing to do with uploading or downloading though, just moving a file pointer from one place to the other on the same harddrive. If I move the file manually to /mnt/move, it happens in less than 1 second.. if I move the file manually to /mnt/unionfs, it takes 5+ minutes. And this is...
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    Discussion Slow Unionfs

    I too have this issue, with unionfs taking a long time and a very high amount of CPU to move across a single movie from the SAB' complete folder to the /mnt/unionfs ( /move? ) drive. My question, too, is why this is not instant? If I put the file manually into /mnt/move with a mv command, it...
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    Problem configuring Data transports in GCE Edition

    " Type a Number | Press [ENTER]: 1 /bin/bash: /bin/bash: cannot execute binary file " Get the following when I try to configure data transports inside a GCE Feeder box. Anyone have any ideas?