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    Discussion PG wont start after fresh install

    So I started over, Ubuntu 18, plexguide installed correctly, every other service installed correctly, except plex. I get the following error when i go through the install process fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Error while parsing document...
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    Discussion PG wont start after fresh install

    Its a dedicated server through hivelocity (was Incero) Its a dual 3.5GHz Quad-Core E3-1270 v2 Ivy Bridge Xeon, 32gb ram. Its been running PG for a little over a year with no issues, but a few days ago I ran into a problem with Plex, it started with buffering for long periods of time, then just...
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    Discussion PG wont start after fresh install

    I just had my dedicated server reinstalled to Ubuntu 16.04, and ran the install script located on the PG forums install page, it finished successfully, but when I go to start it, it just hangs, no errors displayed, cursor frozen. I'm not even sure where to begin troubleshooting it. Help!
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    Radarr radarr v3 not deleting files after move using nzbget

    I was too, but I assumed it was nzbget related, and switched over to Sabnzbd, and haven’t looked at it again, but just did, same thing, so it’s got to be radar v3 right? It’s putting a copy over onto the gdrive, but the downloads folder stays full.
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    looking for a decent dedi server... with ($40.00 US dlls)

    It’s a little more than you asked for but I’ve been using Incero for over a year, out of Dallas, with a 1g connection, for $60/mo
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    Discussion Google Issues

    It may not be helpful, as I was using a dedicated server vs gce, but during the last outage, I was only able to get it up and running again by deleting and recreating the mount by rerunning the setup.
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    SmoothStream open reg by invite?

    Does anyone have an invite they want to throw my way?
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    Emby Set Emby LiveTV Record Folder to GDrive

    Unfortunately no, I've not been able to figure it out. I assume it's a permission issue since emby can see the /mnt/unionfs folder.
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    Emby Set Emby LiveTV Record Folder to GDrive

    I am trying to setup Emby so that it records live tv to my google drive. I tried setting the folder in Emby to the /unionfs folder, but it says it doesn't have permission to write to it. Is this the right folder for this (or maybe the move folder?), and how would I set those permissions in...
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    Plex Requests - can't setup admin

    I installed Plex requests from the 5.96PG, it's running, but when I click on the prompt to setup admin, it just takes me to a login screen. I was going to reset it, but I can't figure out how to get to the mongo console from inside a docker container. Any one know how I can get into or reset...
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    Discussion can't install docker with ub16

    I ran into an issue where plexguide failed at docker install, so I just installed it via apt-get install, and then rerun plexguide setup and it worked.
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    NZBGet Nzbget cannot move or create files

    My issue started same as yours, with the inability to create tmp files. Following the advice in this thread, I updated to 5.081, and the problem shifted from being unable to create the tmp files and start a download to now being unable to unpack files. I'm sorry you misread my comment. Thanks...
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    NZBGet Nzbget cannot move or create files

    I'm having the same issue, I updated to 5.081, now it doesn't show the cannot create tmp file error, the download will reach 100% but fail to unpack.
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    Discussion Every time I scan movies in plex, my Plexdrive service crashes and only a reboot of the server brings it back

    I had the same issue (on a Davaz server too), with PD5, ram usage would slowly creep up higher until it was 100%, and then start swapping like crazy, rendering the server unusable until reboot. I've been using PD4 without issue.
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    Cant find Plex server after setup

    So I had initially installed plex via a deb package, and the portainer container for plex was stuck at "starting". So I uninstalled the deb package, and reinstalled Plex via plexguide, and all seems to be working now, it let me claim it, and shows as an option now. Thank you guys for your help!!!