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  1. Robo

    PG and Emby Raffle Status

    Thanks, I will :D I'm still waiting on admin but he has been quiet for some time, I hope everything goes well with him.
  2. Robo

    PG and Emby Raffle Status

    yes :D you can find them here :giggle:
  3. Robo

    PG and Emby Raffle Status

    any update on this raffle guys? :D
  4. Robo

    Slow Speeds on Germany based Hetzner Dedi

    I'm not alone! cuse the same thing is happening to my MB server, but its not all the time. usually happens in the afternoon, sometimes in the mornings EST, With CF or without same thing. I also try a VPN and keeps happening.
  5. Robo

    Plex Cloudflare CDN causing excessive buffering?

    my server was working with cloudflare flawlessly for more than a year, but a couple weeks ago all of a sudden my server start buffering like crazy. my question do you find a solution for cloudflare or you just keep it like that with your ip exposed? Thank for your help buddy.
  6. Robo

    Discussion Can't deploy Traefik.. Please help..

    here portainer cant start the container 53c70c584b5cede8d0cd899b79598b85424dfba22b762615b3f20feeace6b830 because it is using the same ip address of another container. But it seems that all your configuration is not deployed correctly.
  7. Robo

    Discussion Can't deploy Traefik.. Please help..

    yes A records point to IP's, Cnames points a name to another name Example to
  8. Robo

    Discussion Can't deploy Traefik.. Please help..

    In the DNS section add an A record, one for every single app Example A - portainer - you.server.ip - Automatic TTL (then click Add Record) *this is a must* A - emby - you.server.ip - Automatic TTL (then click Add Record) A - pgui - you.server.ip - Automatic TTL (then click Add Record) A -...
  9. Robo

    Discussion not uploading new downloads to Gdrive

    Just Create new keys for PG Clone Steps: [4] PG Clone : Mount Transport [1] Utilize PG Clone - PGBlitz's [7] Key Management pick a number depending on your needs add the emails to your drive. [A] Deploy they should start uploading. PD: if you still need this or for someone else that...
  10. Robo

    Error Deploying cloudcmd

    Hi guys this morning I was trying to deploy cloudcmd but I got an error, cloudcmd is trying to use the Portainer port for some reason 7999. I uninstall reinstall from terminal getting the same result. there's any way I can change the port for cloudcmd? thanks you for your help guys. TASK...
  11. Robo

    Discussion Problems setting custom Rclone VFS mount settings

    Thanks this fix the mount issue, now its super slow because google issues. thanks @hooper & @iDoMnCi
  12. Robo

    Emby Set Emby LiveTV Record Folder to GDrive

    Hi, any luck with the issue about recording only for 10+ seconds? I look at the thread above and looks like they did a hotfix about permissions but this doesn't solve the incomplete recording issue, I also change the folder to /mnt/move, with no luck. My server keeps recording only for 10 to 35...