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  1. sconnery

    Discussion Organizr calendar not working

    my situation was a bit different as this was between multiple instances unfortunately.
  2. sconnery

    Discussion Pgblitz - gdrive mount and rclone dismounting

    yeah all up to date. i might need need to wipe and start fresh which will be a huge pain .
  3. sconnery

    Discussion Pgblitz - gdrive mount and rclone dismounting

    Over the last few months my feeder keeps dropping my gdrive mount and rclone mounts I need to redeploy to bring them up. This isnt a issue. But sonarr things its missing 18,000 episodes and takes 24 hours to rescan. This is quite annoying. As its happening every 4-5 days so a 20% failure...
  4. sconnery

    Discussion Failed to setup an NVME drive

    Very different scenario. Thank you for the assist though !
  5. sconnery

    Discussion Failed to setup an NVME drive

    @Squid00 where do you set this variable sorry? Its a vps in aws so hardware changes are not a option.
  6. sconnery

    Intro Hi Plex people

    Welcome! What server did you order? Its quite fun building a good setup you will enjoy it !
  7. sconnery

    IP Whitelist for PGshield

    I am running organizer remotely on a local box with plex and taultulli , but sonarr , radarr, etc on a feeder I want to whitelist the local box public ip on the feeder as I cannot get the calendar to show on organizr with pgshield enabled for sonarr and radarr. any ideas? Ive check google...
  8. sconnery

    Discussion Organizr calendar not working

    I have driven mysel crazy regarding this :( its a issue with traefik I think, As I have a server at home that is ran via nginx and that works fine. But the one via pg blitz does not :( 1589257613 fixed the issue had to remove oauth, the calendar wouldnt communicate through oauth to the external...
  9. sconnery

    Ideas User new episode notification

    im pretty sure one of the community apps acts as a discord bot for notifications? Mellow maybe? 1588811608 yep Mellow is the one: community app.
  10. sconnery

    Solved Traefik Stopped working...

    are you sure you have your port forwarding setup correctly? You need port 80 and 443 at a minimum pointing to your ubuntu server?
  11. sconnery

    Forum Down For Anyone?

    Thought this was the case. Is there a fallback option with cf enterprise
  12. sconnery

    Guides HOWTO: Enable NVIDIA GPU Support in PLEX/EMBY

    mine seems to "work" but watching smi nvidia transcoder never picks anything up? was working for ages and then plex updated and it borked.
  13. sconnery

    Cloudflare CDN question

    @edrock where are you located and where is the dedi located? peering is a huge issue I find . my server has 1gb/1gb my home is 100/40 But I dont get great speeds as I am based in Sydney Australia , and server is in Helsinki Finland
  14. sconnery

    Trafiek keeps failing - followed guide and stuck

    to revisit this my AWS vps is now having this issue. I tried reopening ports and removing google oauth and its still playing up.
  15. sconnery

    Discussion Failed to setup an NVME drive

    I get this error on my aws lightsail server :(