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  1. sh1ny

    Discussion Sonarr’s "Organize & Rename" stopped moving server-side

    Strangely enough, now it works properly (Sonarr v. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. sh1ny

    Data over Cloudflare? Is it safe?

    I use CF quite a lot, and Plex is no exception. Can't say my CF traffic is huge, but it can easily surpass 250 GB total on some days, that includes remote sync jobs. No network issues so far, no suspensions either.
  3. sh1ny

    Discussion Sonarr’s "Organize & Rename" stopped moving server-side

    Formerly, when I used Sonarr’s "Organize & Rename" feature, it just renamed files in my mount almost instantaneously without downloading and uploading them again. Now, this action initiates full download/upload cycle, removing original files in my cloud in the process. For clarity, I'm talking...