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  1. Shootinputin89

    [H] MTV, IPT, Sportscult [W] AHD, Cinematik, CHDBits, HDBits, M-Team, nCore, PTP, PHD, or RED

    As title suggests. Can provide proofs if needed.
  2. Shootinputin89

    [H] IPT, SportsCult [W] PrivateHD, nCore

    As title suggests. Can provide proofs.
  3. Shootinputin89

    [H] Drunkin, IPT [W] Good private trackers

    Hi, Have DS and IPT invites. Looking to expand my torrent arsenal (which is only IPT..) into other private trackers. I have a seedbox and always maintain a good ratio with IPT, and will do the same with any private tracker I am invited to. Reply or PM me with any tracker you have and I'll read...
  4. Shootinputin89

    Discussion Questions

    I'm finding Slug, Geek etc cover most thing, but some movies (in 1080p) have fallen through the cracks.. movies like the Woodsman (2004), K-Pax (2001), Pushing Tin (1999), Higher Learning (1995), etc. Some of these movies haven't had an official bluray release but even in these cases high def...
  5. Shootinputin89

    Discussion Questions

    I prefer NZB, but I am considering renting a seedbox for private torrent tracker (or even public?). From what I gather, a seedbox in the Netherlands would have you covered when it comes to copyright material.. anyone got much experience with seedboxes, etc?