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    Discussion Switching to encrypted mode

    Hi, Thank you so much for sharing. I have found this really helpful. I have one problem and I keep hitting the API limit. Can you tell me how you got around this? Thanks Sam
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    Discussion PGMove to PGBlitz migration?

    I had the same probelm did you ever find a fix?
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    Wholesale Internet Dedi - price was right and so far I've been pretty happy.

    I am interested to know if you looked into or even already have HW transcoding working with this server?
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    Discussion Google Drive usage?

    Hi pgblitzer's This more a curiosity of other people's current usage on the Google drive platform. I mapped my Google drive to my PC and use some free software to give me the total size of my team drive. It came back with just over 32TB, I was shocked!!!! I am interested to find out what...
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    Newznab Setup possibility?

    Hi All, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a instance of Newznab setup within Portainer? or has anyone managed to do this yet?
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    NZBGet 100% cpu Nzbget

    Not sure if this helps but I am seeing the below lots in the log on portioner: [ERROR] Binding socket failed for ErrNo 98, Address in use
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    NZBGet 100% cpu Nzbget

    Hi All, Has anyone else seen this problem? After upgrading to 8.6.1 NZBGet has been maxing out the CPU and making everything else on the server unusable. I have worked around this by limiting the CPU allowance in Portainer. I have tried redeploying NZBget and also removing and reinstalling...
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    Discussion NZB obfuscated

    did you fix this? I seem to have the same problem.
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    Solved backup error

    Yes all is good. Thank you for your help.
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    Solved backup error

    THANK YOU! Yes the following worked with mass backup only I got another error with solo backup. I also had to installing rmlint first. /opt/appdata/plex and then type: rmlint --types="badlinks" and then: ./ The was the error I got when using solo backup: fatal: []: FAILED...
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    Solved backup error

    Hi All, I get teh following error on a mass or solo backup. TASK [Backing Up Program to GDrive - plex] ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Thursday 08 November 2018...
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    PC Blitz PG Edition - GCE Feed - 7.002b possible bug?

    Hi All, I am really impressed with the project and love the GCE feeder edition. I am not sure if this is a known bug or just something that has happened to me. I thought I would post my findings please be kind I am not an expert. My problem, a new instance of the GCE feeder edition setting...