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  1. Squid00

    Intro Hi everyone :)

    Hey 🖖
  2. Squid00

    Intro Hello my Plex OG's and Noobs = I

    Hey 🖖
  3. Squid00

    Intro Hello, nice to be here.

  4. Squid00

    Another mediamanager (tinyMediaManager)

    I've yet to really get stuck into this, but it looks super promising. The ability to generate .NFO's is a killer feature, and the file/folder renaming options go way beyond what radarr et al offer. You will need to change some variables in the docker environment file if your resolution isn't...
  5. Squid00

    Ideas What docker you want to add in community!!

    Wouldn't mind seeing a few from this list added Readarr and syncarr especially.
  6. Squid00

    Intro Hello

    Hey 🖖
  7. Squid00

    PGX 10.0.1 (Beta)

  8. Squid00

    Discussion Failed to setup an NVME drive

    In the PG menu itself. I don't have any experience with AWS, so YMMV. But at least for GCE, and for anyone who's having this issue: As you can see, the NVME Count option shows 1, but there is a bug where it isn't actually set. So hit (5) and set the count to "1" manually and you should be...
  9. Squid00

    Discussion Failed to setup an NVME drive

    Worked for me too!
  10. Squid00

    Bazarr Configuration

    I’d still to get my head around implementing bazarr. My server is down at the moment, but this will definitely spare me a headache when I have it back up and running!
  11. Squid00

    Mounting Rclone on secondary windows machine

    BUMP Sorry to necro an old thread but I'm also wondering what the best practice is when mounting an encrypted Gdrive on a desktop (macos in my case). Like OP, I have a copy of the conf; is it just a case of figuring what the best mount options are? Has anybody had any success with this?
  12. Squid00

    PGX Status 26 – May

    I’ve found v3, of Radarr at least, to be a lot more streamlined, not least when in comes to importing libraries. Hopefully it will make it out of testing before we’re all grey and old. Looking forwarding to PGX! One question: are there any plans to make PGmove more robust? Are there any hash...
  13. Squid00

    Discussion HW transcoding from Docker - solution for Hetzner dedicated and info for other servers

    Just an FYI for those who don’t have a plex pass. The same steps broadly apply if you’re attempting to get transcoding to work in Jellyfin.