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  1. Sret


    trafering my Remux UHD Movies from my syno to tdrive
  2. Sret

    Nvidia GPU Patched Plex Docker Possible?

    good to know ! thanks
  3. Sret

    [Solved] Error Messages during app install or re-install of PG

    Edit : Back to version 6.071 and works fine, no more issues. PG Edition - HD Solo - 6.080 | Server ID: Srv01 Domain: no.domain | Ansible: 2.5.6 Ubuntu 18.04 Hello, Could you please help me :D Since the last update i have the following errors when i try to install a new app. : TASK...
  4. Sret

    unionfs mount issue

    Hello ! Since few days i have this message when i want to open the Program Suite installer : WARNING: You cannot proceed! Deploy one mount with UNIONFS first! i checked my unionfs service and unfortunately ... : ● unionfs.service - UnionFS Daemon Loaded: loaded...
  5. Sret

    Plex Claim Server failed (Ansible Red)

    Same here