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  1. stammbraeu

    SABnzbd Purge or empty /mnt/downloads/sabnzbd folder.

    i have added a cron job that checks the folder and deletes everything that is older than 3 days - since that i have never ran out of space
  2. stammbraeu

    SABnzbd Sabnzbd - Refused connection with hostname X

    Hi If i remember correctly those ports were closed but as i switched to nzbget due to performance improvements i cant tell exactly but thanks anyway lg Stammbraeu
  3. stammbraeu

    Sonarr Sonarr upgrade to v3

    you could either just reinstall it via pg - there should be an option which version to install another approach would be to go into portainer - go into your sonarr container - click duplicate/edit - under image use "linuxserver/sonarr:preview" - click deploy container and when asked for replace...
  4. stammbraeu

    Calibre vs calibre web - which way to go?

    Hi As i finally managed to "train" all my friends to use ombi for requests rather than spamming me via mail/sms/whatsapp/... i have almost freedom the only thing thats missing is books I'm using calibre at home and then send it via email What i would like to achieve is to setup calibre on...
  5. stammbraeu

    Plex AutoScan Highly Recommended - v2

    i dont get it when you use the webhook and set it to: on import on upgrade on rename based on my understanding this webhook is triggered when the file gets imported/upgraded/renamed by sonarr/radarr which in turn means that it is placed in the folder where you want it to end up e.g...
  6. stammbraeu

    Plex AutoScan Highly Recommended - v2

    but shouldnt that be covered by unionfs? You download the file to eg. /mnt/downloads/... There it gets picked up by sonarr/radarr and moved to /mnt/unionfs/ where it will be sent to /mnt/move/... which is unified to /mnt/unionfs/ by being picked up by sonarr/radarr you trigger the plex...
  7. stammbraeu

    Plex Plex red bin at episodes

    this problem should be solved if you use "plex autoscan" - that way at least the upgrade topics shouldn't occure anymore 1589454462
  8. stammbraeu

    Plex AutoScan Highly Recommended - v2

    why do you seperate them in folders but then unify them again in plex? i would suggest to use a dedicated library for 4k this way you can define with whom you want to share your 4k library - in my case i only share it with those who are capable of direct play also for my mobile devices i...
  9. stammbraeu

    Discussion PGUI logs

    you can find those logs here: /var/plexguide/logs
  10. stammbraeu

    Sonarr Sonarr and Sonarr4k with NZBGET

    exactly - you will need a dedicated category for each instance of sonarr e.g. tv and tv_4k also you would need to define dedicated root folders because otherwise plex will not be able to distinguish them
  11. stammbraeu

    Discussion Is it possible to change from encrypted to unencrypted?

    all clear first sync from tdrive to tdrive is running Speed between 700MB/s and 1GB/s so far its working and i learned a lot about rclone THANKS A LOT for your support 1588617297 using parallel i now use speeds between 1,5GB/s and 7GB/s i like it
  12. stammbraeu

    Discussion Is it possible to change from encrypted to unencrypted?

    @Edrock200 I dont get it - maybe there is a misunderstanding My current setup: PG Blitz encrypted on a teamdrive I would like to get rid of the encryption - either on a teamdrive or on my drive What is the purpose of moving the encryption folder to a different teamdrive? Wouldnt it...
  13. stammbraeu

    Discussion Is it possible to change from encrypted to unencrypted?

    i took a look at sa-gen and sa-sync and it looks very promising I have one more question: With the mentioned approach i will not be able to use the encrypted content in Plex as i have moved it to another share i there a way to copy the encrypt folder rather than moving it? or did i...
  14. stammbraeu

    Discussion Is it possible to change from encrypted to unencrypted?

    @Edrock200 Can you elaborate on how you did this with the GCE i basically face the same issue but decided not to pursue that road as my 70TB in combination with the 750GB limit would take too long I was thinking of using a PG Blitz unencrpyted but somehow mount the encrypted tdrive as well and...
  15. stammbraeu

    Plex AutoScan Highly Recommended - v2

    As the other thread has a bug a short summary for a working solution NOTE: this solution is based on homer8798 - its not my solution Attached you find a zipped folder "pgscan" Copy the folder to: /opt/plexguide/menu You should end up with /opt/plexguide/menu/pgscan/ cd...