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  1. timekills

    RuTorrent Location of plugins folder for rutorrent/rtorrent?

    FWIW, if you console into the rutorrent docker container, the plugins folder is inside the /config folder. Since the config folder in the container is mapped to /opt/appdata/rutorrent on your host computer, the plugins folder should be easily accessible from your host computer at...
  2. timekills

    Plex Careful with new Plex "skip TV intro feature" - scanning for intros appears to max out GDrive API download quota

    I've had no issues since I limited the maintenance window. I still see it updating older TV shows on a semi-regular basis, but have not hit any limits.
  3. timekills

    Discussion HW transcoding from Docker - solution for Hetzner dedicated and info for other servers

    Technically you shouldn't have to do any of the Plex Docker fixes anymore as it's baked in to the default Plexguide install now. Still need to make sure the Server settings are allowing it with those mods. But not sure why you had to change anything in the Docker part.
  4. timekills

    Plex Careful with new Plex "skip TV intro feature" - scanning for intros appears to max out GDrive API download quota

    Hit the Google Drive download max quota today for the first time. Checked to make sure nothing was inadvertently shared or open to public access, Radarr/Sonarr/etc weren't changed to do scans, music folders weren't scanning..WTH? Only thing that's changed is the two Plex servers I have that...
  5. timekills

    Ubuntu GUI via web or VNC: ubvnc

    I didn't need one for ages, just di everything via command line, but what tipped it for me was the speed of the CPU and 1Gb network on the Hetzner server for video capture and editing. I've uploaded a number of GUI-based MP4/MKV editing apps that handled most of it, but none were able to do the...
  6. timekills

    Ubuntu GUI via web or VNC: ubvnc

    There are two ways; either manually through Portainer or automated through SSL into your machine. 1. SSL into your machine: I have the code in the file to have the user input the passwords upon installation but right now the main PlexGuide Ansible script seems to bypass it. If you run it...
  7. timekills


    I'd generally concur with Datamonkeh as that's (API allotment) really the only limiting factor. Assuming that isn't a concern, I'd also weigh the average response time (look under the stats section) and front-load those with a lower response time. Some sites can be *extremely* long to reply...
  8. timekills

    Plex AutoScan Highly Recommended - v2

    @homer8798 and stammbraeu, and others...thank you. I have been semi-successful at the using the built-in updater of Plex from Sonarr/Radarr but after testing with a couple movie downloads I can confirm that it was *never* this quick to update Plex. This was instantaneous. In the time it took me...
  9. timekills

    Discussion pgblitz - User rate limit exceeded

    As a followup... pgrep -f moveto Will show just the PID of any process that includes the string "moveto" in it. In our case, the process is actually rclone, but we don't want to kill ALL the rclone processes, just the one that is actively engaged in 'moveto'. If you want to just kill that...
  10. timekills

    Ubuntu GUI via web or VNC: ubvnc

    Let me know how you think they compare. If the VNC-XFCE seems better (more responsive/lighter weight/etc.) let me know.
  11. timekills

    Ubuntu GUI via web or VNC: ubvnc

    There are times having access to XWin/GUI is beneficial, yet the drag and bloat of the install on the base server is undesirable. Try out "ubvnc" in the Community Apps section. It provides a docker-ized GUI interface to Ubuntu including Firefox and Chromium browsers. Also provides access to the...
  12. timekills

    Raspberry Pi as Read Only Secondary Plex Server

    Ansible doesn't install on ARM devices. So...PlexGuide won't install.
  13. timekills

    Discussion Intel IGPU (Quicksync) with docker

    It definitely works in Plex - as long as you're not using anything newer than the 8700. The 9900 CPUs don't have iGPU drivers for Linux yet.
  14. timekills

    Emby Help - Emby Hardware Acceleration Not Working

    You can run the vaapi test from inside the docker container. Either through command line via SSH or (probably easier) through Portainer's "Exec Console".
  15. timekills


    Suggestion if you get that error upon trying to authenticate from multiple locations - especially if you're using Cloudflare or another resolver. For example. if you've tried at home (using for DNS) or through VPN, or remotely off another server, or via mobile - i.e. all...