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  1. Z

    Which do you prefer Emby or Plex?

    I use Plex because it just functions better with all the applications. Emby's UI looks better but is very buggy at times. Another perk that Emby has over plex is the playback speed. If Plex added a playback speed for a few of their clients I'd be happy for life.
  2. Z

    Radarr Sonarr/Radarr permissions issue

    I had this issue when sonarr would try to move files over to my nas. I had to specify to give read/write to all sub folders within my media folder in my nas.
  3. Z

    Sonarr Sonarr Move

    I've done that a few times now and still no luck. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Found the issue, sonarr's config somehow was resetting the permissions on my mount of my nas.
  4. Z

    Sonarr Sonarr Move

    I was looking at the logs and saw this Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /complete/tv/ and Couldn't import episode /complete/tv/show.mkv: Access to the path is denied. I've checked and made sure the complete tv directory has the correct perms ( set to 777 for...
  5. Z

    Sonarr Sonarr Move

    Hey all, Has anyone encountered an issue with sonarr not moving the media into the specified location in the past few days? I've rebooted multiple times and made sure no paths were changed. The weird thing is that Radarr works perfectly fine, just Sonarr.
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    NowShowing help

    I had some issues surrounding the same issue, I uninstalled it and just used tautulli newsletter.