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    Ombi Combining local and gdrive libraries for the duration of the data migration

    This is what I'm in the middle of currently as well. What I'm doing is I've setup a remote plexguide server to download media to GDrive, but not actually run any of the plex/emby transcoding/streaming. For those, i still have a box at home running plex/emby connected to my GDrive. This way I...
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    Noob: Need help deciding what to do, see post for details. PLS HELP!!!

    I have 20tb of media at home and i'm moving to gsuite and an online steam server. Unlimited storage, lower electrical bill, and not having to deal with dead hardware and hardware purchases quickly erases the cost of gsuite and a remote server. Plus i only have 30mb upload with 3-4 friends...
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    Discussion USA Based Server

    TLDR; Went with a cheap kvm from SupremeVPS that probably isn't enough power long term. Basically I'm paying less than $10/mo for a remote download box to rebuild my entire library on GDrive. I went with a KVM from supremeVPS. I really didn't know how everything worked so I didn't want to...
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    Discussion USA Based Server

    I sent a message back in August and never heard anything back.
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    Traefik, SSL, Namecheap

    I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the "invalid certificate" warning on all of my subdomains. I haven't found much, but what I have found would suggest that I need to add a TXT record to my namecheap dns. However, I don't know what the TXT record data should be. Is this what I need to...