6.058 Beta 6 (PGBlitz / Uninstaller Repair)


For the uninstaller from Beta 5, docker would not install if you had it uninstall.  That issue is resolved. (Remember this is a beta and not ideal on your production machine)

NOTE:  PG Blitz Info has been updated:

6.058 Beta 6 has alot of pgblitz rewritten in how it deploys!  It’s mostly automatic, but there are two key things that you have to do.  (It’s still a beta, but I have files uploading in the end)

  • Ensure that you have a project built
  • Ensure that the Google Drive API is turned on
  • Ensure that you share your email address to your google drive

You will no longer:

  • You will not have to create json files manually
  • You will not upload json files or use cloudblitz

Mostly, it will generate the keys for you and you will not have to struggle creating your keys.  Please provide any feedback.  If you have any keys, treat this as though you do not have any!  I will start updating the wiki accordingly!

1.  You’ll notice the verification menu is gone and that a new “Key Management” selection shows up; along with how many keys exist.  Something that will be removed in next beta is option b & c (as they are no longer functional for this)

2.  This is the new interface menu.  You need to first login and then set your project ID.  It will detect your current project ID’s.  If not, you need to create one! 

3.  From here, it will delete any existing keys that you have.  If you have none, it will say list 0 or something to that effect.  Basically, rerunning this purges old keys and creates new keys so things don’t over lap.

4.  You’ll notice that you select an option 1-6.  Going beyond 10 keys is overkill unless you have a 10gig pipe and tons of upload and endless processors.

5.  Now it creates your keys automatically and places them for you!

6.  They automatically populate your rclone.config

7.  Post if you have any issues and remember, forgetting to turn on your API or share your emails prior to deployment will nail you on the head the most.

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Feb 7, 2018
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Hey @Admin9705 will rclone also be set up with our own client and secrets for Google drive to fix up the speed issues reported using the default rclone keys?


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
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Hey @Admin9705 will rclone also be set up with our own client and secrets for Google drive to fix up the speed issues reported using the default rclone keys?
you have to generate your own keys per rather than theirs; check out the youtube series. the wiki and stuff will be updated to reflect
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