6.061 Released (G-Drive Checks & PGDrive Only Mode)


To cut down on further errors, 6.061 has gdrive validation checks added to pgmove and blitz.  This will cut down on those who forgot or have gdrive setup in rclone incorrectly.

Also, there is a new PGDrive deployment only mode.  Basically, lets say you have a feeder server and a secondary plex only server.  The secondary plex only server does not require pgblitz or pgmove.  In this case, you deploy just PGDrives.  PGDrive mode allows you to configure gdrive only or gdrive /w TeamDrives.

Note, for anyone deploying gdrive and or tdrive, please create your own keys.  Here is an old video on how to do it (which I’ll make a newer one soon).  If your experiencing slowness, it’s because rclone’s default keys were cut down in speeds by google (meaning everything you do is slow).  Basically, it’s like putting in your own keys when using plexdrive back in the day.


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