7.2 Changelog

The following fixes have been made for 7.2.4

  • pgbox: if deploy +2 or more programs; prior will ask you to skip all crons, select a random cron job daily for all, select a random cron job weekly for all, or manual mode! Saves tons of time for mass deployments!
  • fixes for setting up your own containers under /opt/mycontainers (better copying)

The following fixes have been made for 7.2.3

  • Added 4 new roles:
    • loggar (may need some work)
    • kitana
    • beets
    • mellow (mellowbot)
  • Also if a container is installed instead of rejecting you, it warns you that you already have it installed, proceed to reinstall or exit?
  • Plex Subdomain works now (thanks dave)

The following fixes have beeen made for 7.2.2

  • watchtower – user can now exit; bad script forced an action
  • can create custom containers under /opt/mycontainers; they never delete and intergrate with plexguide for recall and rebuilds – a _template version is there for you on how to setup; it’s exempt.

The following fixes have been made from 7.2.1:

  • Heimdall repaired (showed but didn’t install because of .yml missing)
  • PGBox – (minor) when queuing an app, would still show in select list; fixed

The following fixes have been made from 7.2.0:

  • Added PGBox – Multi-App Installer
    • If app is already installed, it does not list (yes a common sense addition)
    • PGBox will ask for image versions upfront then mass install
    • Changed front menu, fixed up the uninstaller’s layout
    • Speedtest role is back
    • PGBox later will ask in the beginning if you want crons jobs, say no, then doesn’t ask after every app
    • PGBox crons will also later have a pick a time for me option, so then crons occur without you having to put times in.

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