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BoardWalk Empire (HBO – TV Review)

BoardWalk Empire

BoardWalk Empire is a great TV show with five seasons that is worth watching!  Originally, it premiered on HBO from 2010 through 2014.

Season 2 Trailer

The show not only starts well, but ends well.  Lately, there have been a series of TV shows that will end poorly or have been rushed to completion, but not BoardWalk Empire.  What first drew me to Board Walk Empire was on how the opening theme was composed.  Boardwalk Empire takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, between the 1920s through the 1930s.

So What’s the BackStory

As you can see from the video above, the story takes place at an earlier time.  I started be intrigued by TV shows that actually felt like you were living in that time frame.   BoardWalk Empire accomplishes that.  The show starts of somewhat slow, so be patient.  Lets talk about a few basic main characters to get you started!

Primary Characters

Enoch “Nucky” Thompson

Played by Steve Buscemi

Nucky Thompson is quite a character.  At first, you kind of wonder who he is and what he is about.  In the long run, Nucky does what it takes to survive, takes care of his businesses, and gets his hands dirty by being politically corrupt and networking everyone from the mayor, to higher politicians, and controls the local police force.  He is quite wealthy, dates whoever he wants, and can easily be seen as a mob boss.  Nucky came from a poor background, had an abusive father, and has a soft heart; which turns out to be his primary flaw.  He tends to help others, but it’s who he helps that ends up costing him throughout the tv series.

Nucky – Meeting of the Gangsters

Margaret Thompson

Played by Kelly MacDonald

Margaret Catherine Sheila Rohan is a unique character in that she brings about kindness.  She is Irish and was born to a poor family with same backstory in having an abusive father, having nothing to herself, and wishes to bring about change.  Unfortunately for her, she is married to an abusive husband and has multiple kids and is unable to fend for herself.  Boardwalk Empire’s story mostly shifts when Nucky Thompson meets Margaret.  He notices that she is not doing well and providers her money.  Her husband did not take kind to that (Mr. Schroeder) and started beating on her which results in a miscarriage.  To further help Margaret, he assist her with finding a job.  As a result of her husbands actions, Nucky ends up killing her husband to ensure that Margaret is well taken care of.

You’ll notice that most of her values do not align with Nucky, but yet the fall in love in somewhat awkward relationship.  Nucky enjoys Margert’s presence because she is “real”, unlike most of the women that he has been seeing.

Dancing Together

& What Else?

Long story, Nucky ends up expanding his business.  As a result of his choices, he discovers new enemies from other cities.  Furthermore, his situation with Margaert starts to become complicated because he is unable to convert and meet Margaert’s expectations in becoming an ordinary good citizen.  The show then brings about other unique elements of Nucky having an affair, good cops going rogue, politicians become compromised, the church versus science, and African American Mob Bosses such as “Chalky White” are introduced.  It’s a show worth watching and you’ll be truly sad when you reach the very last episode.

Season 4 Trailer (See What Things Look Like Ahead)



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