Legacy to V8.1 upgrade guide

This only applies you are using appdata prior to 8.x and upgrading from 7 and below.

This writeup is a WIP, consult the forums and discord for further help.

It’s recommended that you have an empty download queue and upload all files before proceeding.

Use the new installer and install 8.1. all apps will need to be reinstalled. You should uninstall nzbhydra2, OrganizrV2, and sonarrbeta, after renaming the appdata folders, see below. Uninstall blitzui.

Use the new installer to install 8.1. run plexguide. Deploy mounts again to get the new blitz. New cmd is blitz, pglog is removed.

If you are trying to use appdata that was initially created before 8.1 then you must run app installers after thatdata is restored, so you can attempt to change your configuration to work.

The apps should automatically migrate. Some of the settings will reset to PG defaults, please double check your configurations afterwards and make your adjustments. Your username/password for apps may be removed upon installation. You can either set them back or use pgshield to protect them.

We recommend using PGShied when possible.

You should reinstall all of your apps or redeploy traefik after upgrading.

If you used nzbhydra2 run:

mkdir /opt/appdata/nzbhydra

mv /opt/appdata/nzbhydra2/* /opt/appdata/nzbhydra

If you used sonarr beta, run:

mv /opt/appdata/sonarrbeta* /opt/appdata/sonarr/


Rename /opt/appdata/organizrv2 to /opt/appdata/organizr


After reinstalling your apps you need to edit the library location in arr. The new path is /mnt/unionfs/tv or /mnt/unionfs/movies, use the mass editor to change the root path, specify that you will move the files yourself. Do not have it organize! If you click the wrong button it’s going to download every single file and re-upload it, so don’t do that.

This must be done in sonar and radar or you’re going to have a bad time!


go to the configuration for sonar and radar and grab the new route paths and make sure your configuration works

Organizr, you may have to update some urls