PGBlitz V2

Gone are the days of complicated setups, tracing errors only to figure out why PGBlitz is not working, @Physk and @NotTeresa have been working hard to patch bugs, add features and improve user experience!

Small changelog:

  • File by File uploading rather than folders
  • Threaded uploads (8 as a maximum)
  • Proper SA cycling with headroom
  • Encryption Support (only manual deployment for now)
  • Web interface to track your upload queue
  • Automated PGBlitz Deployment

To learn more about the new PGBlitz update, don’t hesitate to have a look at the full guide.

Hey! I'm Teresa, one of the coders/developers over at PlexGuide. I work specifically on the W.C.K.D. Automation Project to make PG as user-friendly as possible!
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Aug 1, 2018
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any update on encryption capability being added to v2?
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