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Salvation – TV Show Review

Are you looking for another show to watch that has the feeling of West World, Humans, and a-bit of the Walking Dead combined?

Maybe toss some of that Prison Break Feeling in there too? Salvation is a newer TV Show that has recently caught my attention.  As of today, Salvation is on Season 2 and the the title cover itself implies what it means… Salvation.

Before going too far into detail, you may ask what makes this show worth watching?  First, the show is unlike other shows that I have seen.  Second, the show pushes the boundaries of what other shows do not and third, the show relates to real world political elements of today.

So what is Salvation?

At first, I thought it was a show that was related to religion as the title may have implied.  I was hoping it was not like HBO’s show The Left Overs, which had a very disconnected story line.  I wanted to ensure that the show had some depth of mystery to it, while wanting to watch more of it.

The Leftovers

Well, Salvation is just that.  The story takes place in the present day, in which there is a large meteor that is on a course collision with the Earth.  First, I thought the show would result in the meteor being discovered, some drama, and off to another planet the survivors would go; but that is not the case.  In Salvation, there is a plan for the human population to settle, terra form, and bring about the best of humanity on Mars.  Rather than that plan occurring, the show slows down the events to take place within 6 months of the collision course date.  From there, a series of events begin to unfold.

The Characters

In the show, there is one character that relates to a real time character in the show and the fictional character’s name is Darian Tanz, who directly relates to Elon Musk.  Darian Tanz is a key character in that he is a self-made billionaire whose objective is to save humanity, improve technology, and sacrifices himself in the process to see his vision achieved.  So how does he enable Salvation?  A side project that Darian Tanz has been working on is a space craft that carries the best and brightest of humanity (disease free and other key psychological traits) to a new world.  It was a vision that he always had as a child, but unknowingly, there is a threat that even he was unaware of.  So how does Tanz discover there is a meteor that is on a doomsday collision with Earth?

Tanz unknowingly inspired another character whose fictional name is Charlie Rowe.  He is an inspirational character in that he is smart, self-made, and well… pushes against the government.

Long story short, Charlie seeks out Tanz; Tanz does not believe him at first, …does, …then provides Charlie all the resources that he needs to stop the threat.  Meanwhile, Tanz keeps his secret project known as the “Arc” hidden from almost everyone to have a Plan B set in place.  The plan would be executed in case humanity is unable to stop the meteor.  The plot seems pretty simple; but that is what makes the show great, …there is always more.


First, I failed to think about the global impact of what is occurring.  Charlie and Tanz assumed that no other country was aware of the threat, but the other countries are.  Throughout Season 1, you will  see a series of countries that attempt to meddle with the Mr. Tanz’s project.  There is a plot to take control of the meteor and have it impact areas such as the United States.  The hacks are first unknown, but it’s discovered that countries such as China and Russia are likely involved with sabotaging the project.

As the show continues to push forth, there are other main characters that have a detrimental  impact on the series of events that are occurring.  First, you the Press Secretary – Grace Barrows and the Deputy Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) – Harris Edwards that both are in an awkward relationship (which adds to the drama).

They both support the efforts of Mr. Tanz.  At one point, Tanz and Press Secretary Barrows sleep together, while the Deputy SECDEF is entangled with a prior relationship that impacts the series of events that will occur.  Regardless, the characters all work together in the end.

Other Complications

Later on, you will discover that there are other complications that occur. The United States President, President Mackenzie wants to tell everyone that there is a threat coming.  She is slowly being poisoned by the Vice President who is attempting to take over the government; meanwhile all the global players are talking about nuking one another.  Meanwhile, a hacker group known as RESIST, takes control of a series of nuclear missiles and force each country to give up their top scientists to work with one another to develop a solution (or the refusing country would be nuked).  Later on, Tanz loses control of his company and becomes Vice President of the United States, in which an actual nuclear missile denoted in the United States from the hacking group Resist.  Basically, to further demonstrate the seriousness of their agenda.

Hacking Group Resist – Salvation

Final Thoughts

This show has many twist and turns and it is impossible to explain it all at once.  If your the type of person who enjoys the end of the world scenarios, this is a type of show for you.  Unlike many other shows, Salvation is well scripted and never once, does the plot feel unrealistic.  What are your thoughts?  Check out the Promo below!

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I'm currently thoroughly enjoying this TV Show brought back from cancellation. :) Speaking of I need to catch up!