Personal Key Generation for RClone

Google API Credentials

Utilizing Google’s API Credentials will enable you to create your own personal keys for RClone.  RClone’s default keys were sufficient before, but Google has cut down their speeds due to over use.  As a result, utilizing your own keys will ensure that PGDrives works swiftly, which will enable of your scans and content use to be much faster.

PG YouTube Video:  PlexGuide OAuth Keys | PGDrives & RClone

Click the Picture Above to View the YouTube Video

NOTE:  These are not the same keys for PGBlitz.  PGBlitz creates service account keys!  Do not confuse the two!

  • Sign up for a GSuite Enterprise Business Edition – [ CLICK HERE ]
    • Costs $10 a month
    • The storage is unlimited.  Members reported having 250TB of content!

Next Step Below

  • Enable the Google Drive API – [ CLICK HERE ]
    • Ensure that your logged on as the right user and project
    • Click Enable as shown above

  • Navigate to the Google API – [ CLICK HERE ]
    • Ensure that your logged on as the right user and project
    • You’ll notice to the left that you’ll see credentials and must be on this area
Follow the Picture Guide – OAuth Client ID
Create an [ Other ] OAuth 2.0 API
Your Client ID & Secret for RClone
  • Store Your Information
  • You can always visit the page to retrieve your information
  • You will only use this on RClone when creating your gdrive and/or tdrive
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