D. PG Edition: Google Feeder (GCE)

PG Google Feeder Edition

This edition is basically set to allow you to burn through your $300 of free credits from Google to help build up your library fast (why it’s called a feeder edition).  This edition on install on Google Virtual Machines specifically.

Ensure to sign up for Google Drive [Business] edition first – [ CLICK HERE ]


There are two ways you can install it:

  • [EASY] PG Automated Deployment

    • You must have PlexGuide running on a box already
    • Super Easy Deployment through an interface (very light work required)
    • Deploys the Virutal Machine (Instance), Firewall, and IP Address

GCE – (Automated) Google Cloud Feeder Edition

  • [HARD] PG Manual Deployment

    • You do not require any instance of PlexGuide to currently run
    • More difficult deployment in that you have to do some work
    • Instructions guide you on everything you need!

GCE – (Manual) Google Cloud Feeder Edition

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