B. Pre-Install Prep

Pre-Install Introduction

Pre-Install preparation is important depending on what you are doing.  This is the time where you need to plan out your server.

The more pre-work you do, along with research, and reading; the better of you will be.

Deploying your server blindly may result in frustration, so please take the time to ask questions on the forum, watch youtube videos, and pick the server that suits your needs!

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Request in "Disk Space Check" portion a recommendation for what partition you should have your extra space.
I assume after you set up (or is pre-set) that the best situation is all hard drive free space be mounted on "/"

If, as many VPS providers do, the partitions and mount points are pre-established, what mount locations are okay for the free space?

Bottom line: Without pre-existing knowledge of where PG installs files, I'm not sure what right looks like for the mount point with free space.
    Answering my own question -
    Free space should be mounted in "/"
    All containers build their volumes in /var/lib/docker and the various drives are mounted in /mnt... so all use "/" as available free space.