G. Traefik

What is Traefik?

Traefik is a reverse proxy in the grand scheme of things basically provides the user the ability to reach and application through a subdomain.  With traefik, you can reach your sites such as portainer.mydomain.com and netdata.mydomain.com.

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Do I Need Traefik?

No, Traefik is not required for PlexGuide.  Traefik is only useful on servers with their own IPv4 address.  Basically if your running a home server, Traefik is useless you are utilizing DuckDNS.  You can reach your sites via domain:port or ipv4:port if you choose to.

PG YouTube:  TRAEFIK Reverse Proxy Basics

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Additional Information

Traefik is a modern reverse proxy that not enables the use of your subdomains, but has the ability to provide authentication and issue SSL certificate using Lets Encrypt.

Note:  Port 80 and 443 have to be open for Traefik to work. By default, your ports should work. If you have Caddy, CPanel, or some server website hosting software installed; you WILL have problems. Without Traefik being able to route through 80 and 443, your certificates will not work!

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