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    Apple Music Vs Spotify

    The problem is for long distance runs without the phone. Spotify is useless in that situation. They should be able to run the API to make it work.
  2. Assists Greatly with Development Costs
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    Discussion You must be bored of this question, but I could use a clear answer...

    if you guys wanna look into anything, checkout the mergerfs tool. it's how most of this stuff works. it has to do with moving files from local to your drive.
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    Found a good priced US dedi

    well his console says unlimited. i failed to check how they bill, via paypal or etc. it does say unlimited in the console. i'm kind of curios and might send an email to them
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    Price Trap

    I actually cancelled out youtube tv due to the price hike, but now split with a family member. no geographic issues. with apple tv being so low, i wondered how they'll raise theirs? maybe they could leave as is, continue to give parts of it away as a lure to keep people hooked in.
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    welcome to the site! i need to put the welcome back in the forum!
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    Plex and Sab stopped running

    the only time i seen it stop running is if you have backups enabled and run out of space. disk space good? plex eats tons for backup at times.
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    Sign Up – GSuite

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    Place Holder

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    Ubuntu 19.04 - Install - Test Run

    Team, Working on installing UB 19.04 using VMWare and seeing how everything works out. The startup picks locks great and VM Ware Desktop 14 (and 15) picks up the image up already for the easy install process. That's a good thing because it will make...
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    Best Wireless Router

    So i have been typically stuck using nighthawk routers, because well they work well. The premium for them tends to be a little high, so it's what i use. Is there another brand that you trust? Mostly I use DD-WRT on them.
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    Xeon Verus i9

    For gaming, would a Xeon be worth while or is i9 the way to go? I'm tracking that Xeon has a lower clock rate. What is a good rout e to go?
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    With Plex transcoding, does an NVME have a greater speed advantage over SSD? In general yes, but is it worth spending double.the money for a taxed Plex server?
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    Anti Virus

    What do you guys do to protect your systems? For Win10, the default protection has gotten so much better. Is it worth paying for Norton or others out there?
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    Chromium Edge

    Hey Team, I'm actually impressed by what Microsoft is doing. You can download edge chromium without messing up your cpu @ I have two screenshots below and it pulled everything from...
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    The Sims 4

    The game is great, but EA makes so many mini expansion games, the cost of the game goes through the roof. Rumor is they are holding back on Sims 5 and could argue that makes sense because the graphics and etc are at a great balance.
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    Wake Up Call

    Title: Wake Up Call Artist: Theory of a Deadman Genre: Hard Rock Released: 2017 Tracks: 1 - Straight Jacket - 4:01 2 - Rx (Medicate) -...
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    Graphics Recommendations

    For those who use plex with a graphics card, what are you running and what advise do you have?
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    Ubuntu 19 - Nvidia GPU Support

    Have you guys seen the news about UB 19 supporting graphics drivers for the OS? This could be a game changer. I've been wanting to switch the main cpu I have to linux, but the graphics card was always an issue for me.
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    Mariah Carey

    Title: Mariah Carey Artist: Mariah Carey Genre: R&B Released: 1990...
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    Final Fantasy XV

    We all know that this is the best game made, even though it took them 10 years and many fixes! Have you played this game?
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Hands down; we know this will be the best remake ever! we know that square cannot f'ck the story up already :D I joked back in the day and said i would be buy an ff7 remake for $200 back in 2005 :D
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    Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

    This game is still great to this day! including the expansion. they had to mess it up with CC4 and try to do the microtransactions. I hope CC4 Red Alert will be brought about one day again!
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    Chromebook Gaming & Nintendo Switch Controller

    This is pure heaven. Got my Bluetooth headphones on and it's on!
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    The Enemy Within

    Title: The Enemy Within Genre: Drama, Crime Creator: Ken Woodruff Cast: Jennifer Carpenter, Morris Chestnut, Raza Jaffrey...