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  1. dicetomato

    Discussion namecheap simply doesn't work

    Hi there! I've asked about this several times and I'm just trying to get a definitive answer on whether or not anyone has been able to get namecheap to work! If not, you guys should take namecheap out of the menu; it simply doesn't work for me. In the script, you are destroying the Traefik...
  2. dicetomato

    Discussion Traefik seemingly deploys OK (namecheap) but can't access from TLD

    I'm on PG version 7.007. Local Ubuntu Server. Just deployed Traefik using Namecheap Traefik seemingly has deployed just fine, but I can't get to any of the services from After checking logs in Portainer I see this: time="2018-11-09T09:55:44-08:00" level=warning msg="Could not...
  3. dicetomato

    Discussion Issue with upgrading older version.

    Hi all! Upon seeing the PG 7.0 email, I decided to upgrade. I ran ```rm -r /opt/plexguide/``` and then used the first install method ```curl -s | sudo -H sh```. But my PG is still showing version 6.052 now. Is there a step I missed?
  4. dicetomato

    Upgrade Issue pg.number (Solved)

    Trying to update... How long is this supposed to go on? PLAY [localhost] *********************************************************************************************************************** TASK [Gathering Facts]...
  5. dicetomato

    Cloning local PG install to new server/machine

    Currently running PG on an old HP with Ubuntu 18.04. Want to move to install Ubuntu on a Mac Mini and clone everything over. Is this feasible? Or will I have to re-configure everything. Thanks!
  6. dicetomato

    After updating (to be clear)

    After doing a PG version update. Should I be re-deploying each Program Suite programs/containers? Or am I good to go?
  7. dicetomato

    Installed then "Not Installed"

    Trying to install V2 with Namecheap API. Popped in my namecheap username, api key, and my wildcard is setup. It says it's installed but immediately afterwards I get a "Traefik is not installed." Something is off.
  8. dicetomato

    qqqqqq on Terminal

    Interface used to be drawn cleanly on terminal (osx) but not i'm getting this.
  9. dicetomato

    NAT Loopback Issues

    My CenturyLink router doesn't provide NAT Loopback (essentially making access via my subdomains not possible). Anyone have any workarounds (besides hosts file or getting a new router) to get around NAT Loopback? Currently I'm using Gas Mask on Mac to hot swap my hosts file, but i'd love to NOT...